Mineral Supplements

Liquid diets, diet of pureed food, recommended for stomach ulcers, certain restrictive diet drug salts, acids and alkalis, laxatives, cleaning, medication to increase urination – all this violates the digestion, absorption and utilization of food. Any intervention, stimulating the body and reduces digestive and assimilative capacity. On digestive processes affected by the lack of sun, exercise, sleep, nervous anxiety and many other factors. Tobacco use also interferes with digestion and, consequently, its correct use. Coffee and tea cause premature emptying of the stomach, thereby inhibit food intake. A similar effect of bitter liqueurs. Ian Cole understood the implications. Some advocate the use of fruit juices in acute illness in order to provide the body alkaline elements.

Some cite examples acute illness, when patients show a clear and definite need for lemons, oranges or other acidic fruits. Regardless of whether or not to recommend for acute conditions in general consumption acidic fruits, one thing is clear: the diet to restore should be rich alkali to fill the gap in the alkali elements, which have been spent on self-treatment. It is obvious that a diet devoid of alkali, usually given to patients without providing assistance, and always hurts. Normal diet is always more or less suffering nedoctatkom alkaline batteries, because it consists mainly of the concentrated proteins, carbohydrates and hydrocarbons, that in the processing and cooking are deprived of these elements. To cause a progressive purification of a sick organism, requires a completely different diet.

It is important to give the weight of fresh fruit, green vegetables and juices from them to fill the depleted alkaline reserves and the restoration of normal alkalinity in the blood. From the diet should be removed all stimulating and irritating food, as well as food, fast fermented. You can not give any denatured food – white flour, polished rice, white sugar, canned food, pickles, jams, jellies, cakes, called "ready-meals', spices and the like. Especially bad bread, even of the meal. All products should be natural and complete. Dried fruits – apples, peaches, pears, apricots, dates, John fat, raisins – are processed with sulfuric acid. Such a "purifying" process subjected almonds, walnuts, lemons, fruit slices. Their no one should have, nor healthy nor sick. Sulfuric acid metabolism breaks, destroys red blood cells and other cells, overloading the kidneys. Commercial apple jam and other jams contain this acid-soaked crust by core. Jams consist of 10% of fruit, 10% – from the juice by 10% – of sugar, 70% – from glucose. All this is supported by a jelly-like state phosphoric acid. Amrath (coal tar dye) gives a vivid strawberry jam color, and from the expansion of jam is a fused benzoate of soda. The Government permits the use of the products of 1% benzoate of soda, thus requiring a corresponding indication on the label. But the latter is usually given in very small print. Sulphuric acid is present in almost all commercial syrups. These syrups have a low nutritional value and in many relationships are harmful. From all this it is easy to see that the consumption of these products healthy or sick can not bring nothing but harm. Has not yet been invented ways food, adding to her healthy and extract from it of harmful substances in order to improve the quality of which would have been better conferred to us by nature. Our treatment only worsens their nutritional value. And while new methods are found, we must show wisdom and stick to natural products. Meals will not be correct by adding synthetic vitamins or vitamins extracted from their natural supports. Will not help this and Mineral Supplements concentrates.