Genetic researchers confirm that is the origin of the people in Africa. 300 000 years ago, they appeared for the first time in Europe. They were tall, muscular, had hands, powerful like a gorilla, and spread from Spain up to Uzbekistan. Only one thought she was naive, wielding clubs stone age Rambos, then the picture changed out to a highly developed people with stone tools and funeral rites. 30 000 years ago she disappeared again, until 1856 in the Neanderthal in Dusseldorf in the form of a skeleton to resurface. So they got their name: Neanderthal. More than 400 fossils and skeletons of them were found later in Europe and the Middle East. The question whether or not, the ur-Europeans with the receding forehead matters to our ancestors split the science well over 150 years into two camps.

The Homo Neanderthalensis\”, a primitive man, who was not only more peaceable than we, but had a larger brain volume compared with us, is many as immensely likable. But whether Indeed Neanderthals blood flows in our veins and stone age man is one of our direct ancestors, could not be conclusively substantiated or clearly excluded. But after the first time and later again in 2006 researchers succeeded in February 1999, Neanderthal genetic material to analyze and to compare, they said goodbye with ours\”the notion that the powerful ur-people have to do something with the current world population. Nonetheless remain doubts whether these species really is nothing more than a side-branch of evolution vanished without a trace in the stream of time. Long the scientists therefore quarreled, whether the modern ancestor of Homo sapiens, the Cro Magnon man\”, which is not, or mixed populated, 100 000 years ago by Africa from Europe with Neanderthals, or whether he crowd them out due to his pronounced aggressiveness. Urgeschichtler like the Neuwied archaeologist Prof. Gerhard Bosinski or Professor Milford Wolpoff of the University of Michigan (United States) for example represented the thesis, that it between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens\”no fundamental differences are and it must have been to mixtures, the Neanderthals had been so only one station in the evolution of man.