Questions and answers about training, muscle building, nutrition – muscle training not later than after the great success of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moller is the run on a hardened and muscular body is still the most often mentioned target when it comes to call reasoning for the visit in a fitness & Bodybuilidng Studio. Muscle is not just for bodybuilders, eventually everyone needed daily to cope with, for example, simple banal activities such as brushing your teeth or getting up the muscles. To have muscle or a strong and powerful muscles, is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. So supports and stabilizes our muscles such as our Wirberlsaule and joints. Many patients with back pain have to operate a muscle building workout because they have usually a weak muscles. The optimal training plan to build muscle must be therefore individually nachh each person, the needs and objectives. Only after a standard training plan trained, it may be quickly an overtraining and injury.

A longer Trainingsungterbrechung or muscle breakdown are the result of a wrong training plan with unmatched intensity and load. After a bodybuilding exercise plan should be trained accordingly, only if previously was a medical check-up. The capacity of the person, the function of the joints and the cardio vascular system should be checked. Beginners should not often operate a muscle building workout than 3 x per week. Advanced, however, from 1-2 make the best success years of training experience with about 4-5 workouts per week. Generally, a training plan is divided into different sections. Starting with a warm-up, followed by the body, strength training, and finally with a loose, cool-down (cool) and some light stretching exercises for the major muscle groups. Next to the right training plan the diet plan play a very important role when it comes to sporting goals such as muscle or FAT to reach.

The ER diet plan should never be neglected in any case. Experts assume that the success aussgeht about 60-70% of the diet. A muscle building diet plan requires much expertise in relation to the optimal intake and intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Who want to do serious bodybuilding, will come hardly to the use of nutritional supplements and sports foods around. Obtain best by a specialist in a specialist shop for sports nutrition advice. Depending on the objective and experience, the fitness right for you then selects products for muscle building. Products such as protein powders, amino acids and creatine can speed up muscle growth.