Myths And Legends Antioch

Antioch is noted for having a wide mythical tradition, there are myths left by the Spanish, others introduced by African slaves and typically regional myths. Thus the madremonte is a national myth, but in Antioquia has the particularity of stealing the cows their newborn kids. American myths: the patasola, the madremonte, the mohan, the scream, the bracamonte, monte hojarrasquin, the mother of water, cow of la laguna, la llorona, the single bore. Some regional myths: sombreron is a horror of human figure uses black poncho, a great hat and anda mounted on a mule surrounded by two enormous black dogs caught by thick chains. They say that it has been seen in Medellin, Andes and along the shore of the San Juan River.

The Screamer is a horror of muleteer. Your bookmarks are walks of herradura and the hills in the quiet nights; his cry is peculiar as mules who arrea. The Ghast mocking and caminero rodillona which sits atop the ravines in the form of old sitting with the face between the legs, silver hair, red eyes, nose sharp and hooked, boca grande with a single tooth. He laughs out loud and perverse with some. The cabellona is a rural horror evening and rainy times. Geographically it appears from Liborina to Pavarandocito. Cure headless is a horror that comes from the colony.

Colonial cities retain it in their legends, especially in Northwest Antioquia. The plain is muelona. It has its activity on roads and with a schedule from 6 pm to 9 pm. It is described as a beautiful woman, long hair, electrifying eyes and teeth of fiera, launches loud laughter. Mandiga is such a bad reputation that is considered as another Satan. Some claim to have seen him on horseback and smoking, in the evenings. It usually appears in the houses of game and Vice. The greedy invoke him as their protector.