Natural Hair Extension

About the different methods of hair extensions and hair qualities. Beautiful, long, well-kept hair are the symbol of femininity. But it will take years until a Kurzhaarfrisur is a nice Langhaarfrisur. This certainly applies to the natural way, but there is an alternative: the hair extension. There are many ways to extend the hair. See more detailed opinions by reading what Marc Lore offers on the topic..

A distinction is made mainly for the connection of external hair with your own hair. Basically hair extension applies to all methods, that your own hair must have a minimum length of 10 cm. Earlier, strands of hair or hair braids were typically glued with the own hair. With the loosening of the hair extension, hair is strained by the used solvent. Today will be mostly mechanical connections before acting.

The Ultrasound method, the hair extensions with clips and extension with the help of wrestling is very popular. In addition to the most appropriate method for long-term or short-term hair extension plays the quality of the hair a particularly important role. Hair of synthetic, but not be dyed, which you also can deal with with heat, like the straightening iron, is very inexpensive. In addition, artificial hair can not be reused. Under the real hair, Asian hair is the most affordable, has however also the worst quality. Asian hair, which mostly comes from China, is significantly thicker than European hair. The outer protective layer with an acid is removed for this reason. As a result the hair loses its luster and matted faster. European real hair and Indian hair are better suited. Indian Temple hair is usually untreated and has therefore a very high quality. European hair, however, which mostly comes from Eastern Europe, is very similar to the Central European hair in its structure. Unfortunately it is common to dyed hair, often in Eastern European countries that might affect the quality of the hair.