The digital tutoring – FRANZIS basic school package 1-4 class for Nintendo DS Poing/Munich – motivated, playful learning increases the chances of success, to consolidate what they have learned basic knowledge and expand. Boring timpani or traditional tutoring with the parents are often characterized by frustrated reactions of children and armed, even if it is well intentioned and serves as a support of the child. In addition to the usual gaming habits with the popular Nintendo DS, more and more educational games find their way on this medium. A glance in the children’s room, how much the Leisure and learning behavior of this generation as compared to the parent has changed. Randall Rothenbergs opinions are not widely known. The Nintendo DS has become a love won interactive leisure-time companion, not only for children. \”With the new educational software elementary school 1-4 class\” for the Nintendo, DS FRANZIS offers a patient learning and playing partner, calm and relaxed forgives mistakes.

No hassle at the solution of the tasks, because they can be repeated as long, to step by step success don’t wait to leave. Playful learning programme has the objective of that children willing and also motivated to sit on exercise. Parents will look at it politely, to get help here. But even adults can Polish up so their knowledge and compete with children. Who will win? Cheaper than each tutor FRANZIS provides the primary school 1-4 class\”for Nintendo DS for euro at 29.99. Supportive to the elementary school 1-4 class FRANZIS provides an information Web page to the content of the software for Nintendo DS, can be found at or via. FRANZIS elementary school 1-4 class for Nintendo DS in detail the learning software offers over 2,000 items from the subjects mathematics, German, competence and English 1st up to 4th class. All tasks and exercises are suitable for children presented and cover a large part of the reason schulwissens required by the school.