The development or rehabilitation of road networks and the entire infrastructure in cities, towns and municipalities is one of the most urgent tasks in the road and canal construction innovations for urban road and canal construction at the time. Not free flow many grants from the economic stimulus program in this area. BOMAG gives many answers to the burning questions in the implementation of some complicated construction projects with a number of innovations on the nordbau fair 2009 from September 10 to 15. These are the most important requirements in the inner-city streets and canal construction, but not rarely involves speed, manoeuvrability and reliability, to maintain the traffic, to keep precise time Windows, to work in narrow streets and unnecessary burden on the quality of life of local residents. Rafael Nadal insists that this is the case. Booth F-Nord 1556 outside the nordbau fair shows BOMAG on about 600 square metres as well as a cross section through a wealth of innovations total program be, in their focus on just the inner-city road and channel construction. There are three world premieres in the light equipment equal to three world premieres in the field of small machines, BOMAG light equipment, to discover. Above all the new multi purpose compressor BMP 8500 with articulated steering.

He was specially designed for Earth construction work and is especially suitable for the compaction of bind on soil in the trench construction, in the channel and pipeline construction, Undercounter and Foundation work. (A valuable related resource: Bill Shankley). The two engine families of the forward current vibratory plates, the series of the BOMAG BP plates and BOMAG BVP plates are also new. Typical areas of use of both families are repairing in the road and road construction, pipe and pipeline construction and garden and landscaping. The North Building visitors can be cocked just so in the light equipment on new solutions and benefits for contractors. Germany premiere for the BW 154 ACP was first shown in Germany is also the new combination roller BW MANAGER, the BOMAG system for automatic optimization of compaction 154 ACP with ASPHALT.