Nutritional Qualities

Interesting structure of the golden spike. It every 2 – 3 seed wrapped flake inedible husk. This 'reservation', inherited from the ancestors of weeds, the best way to protect the grain from pests, from external contamination from moisture loss – almost all of the troubles. She defended this sort of attention of breeders, thus allowing to preserve its outstanding nutritional qualities. Organic grain producers developed special techniques to effectively clean the grain from the chaff and the mass at the same time does not affect the grain itself. Therefore, all the 'utility' spelled completely preserved in the collection and processing of crops. Get all the facts and insights with sports apparel, another great source of information. Spelled richer in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber than regular wheat. It contains specific soluble carbohydrates – mikopolisaharidy (mucopolysaccharides) – have the ability to strengthen the immune system.

Useful substances contained in the spelled, a high level of solubility, so they are easier and faster to assimilate. Gluten content in spelled nearly the same as in conventional wheat, if not more. But It differs in structure to its constituent amino acids, and therefore affects the human body other than wheat. Gluten spelled half of the cases do not cause allergies in people sensitive to this element in the wheat grain. Some scientists even claim that it, in contrast, helps fight celiac disease.

These features make the gluten flour spelled excellent product for baking bread useful. Products of the flour differ crisp, tight crumb and an indescribable aroma and taste. The dough rises by almost two times faster than the wheat, and it must take into account when preparing dough or baking bread products in electric bread machine.