In the case of the calls half-actual courses these have that to be authorized for the MEC with exception of free professionalizing courses to have legal support. Beyond the possibility of if developing courses in Ead also it exists the possibility of if developing tools using the proper platforms of Ead as video, audioconferncias among others as tools of support for the development of regular courses. Another possibility to use to advantage the EAD is to study in the exterior, in a college that offers the modality, without leaving Brazil. Mainly in the Europe, these institutions have much credibility and years of tradition. An example is National the Universidad Spaniard of Educacin in the distance (Uned), created in 1972.

It offers courses in most different areas and programs of graduation, specialization, MBA, after-graduation, doutorado and also free courses. The Uned was one of the pioneers in education in the distance, together with the Open University, that appeared in England in 1971. According to Otto Peters, director of the Open University of Hagen, Germany, the EAD appeared in middle of the century passed with the development of the ways of transports and communication, whose regularity and trustworthiness had allowed the appearance of the first experiences of education for correspondence in the Europe and the United States. ' ' Long-distance study it is methods recionalizado to supply knowledge that independently allows the access to the university studies to a great number of students of its places of residence and occupation (PETERS, 1983). ' ' Nobody if he can deny the chance to learn for being poor, to be isolated geographically, kept out of society, sick or for any another circumstance that hinders its access to some institution of education. These are the elements that they assume the recognition of a freedom somebody to decide if it wants or not estudar.' ' (WEDEMEYER, 1986) DEVELOPMENT the EAD in the distance has as characteristic main between the professor and the pupil, but it recognizes the capacity of the student to construct its way, its knowledge, of if becoming self-taught person, actor and practical author of its and reflections.