What type of paddle tennis racket need each player? Let’s try to clarify the differences between the two types of shovels fundamental paddle, which are power blades and rotor blades control. There are more differences between the different blades market, almost as many as models, but the main difference is if it’s a shovel for power players or players of control. So we can determine the following fundamental differences between both types of paddle blades: for power player: blades paddle indicated for power players are characterized by the following: blades are diamond-shaped: this form facilitates handling in the volley. The blade runs more. Generally the balance of these paddles is diverted more towards the tip of the blade to generate higher lever and the blow and print to shovel more power. They have a somewhat higher balance, approximately 60/40. The weight moves slightly to the shovel head and makes this lower at a faster rate in the blows which demand rapidity of reaction, as the volley. These blades of Padel are indicated for players with good punch.

They also have a somewhat smaller core size, so they are more difficult to handle that control paddle blades. Most of the power is concentrated at that point. For Player control: blades shown for Player control are characterized by the following: the control paddle blades they have round shape and sometimes the surface is rough pondering even more control. This way of the blade makes it easier to control and the handling of the ball and increases the chances of more easily placed the ball. They have a very focused and therefore much more weighted and easier to find, usually 50/50 rolling. So the weight does not move and pasted or zone size also called sweet spot is much larger and easier to handle.