In the research, they had made the following question: How it is that if it could improve or become more easy the relations of the parents and people in charge of education with the school? Resp. He is, the parents must of time in when visiting the professors in the school and also the professors must write the parents to inform them of the situation of its children. (A valuable related resource: gymnast). Regarding the same question, another mother answered: Although as already I in mine said in case that he does not have claims to present, I effectively believe to be of all the interest for both the parts that great interchange of ideas between parents and professors has being that the parents collaborate whenever he stops such is called. Perhaps to have a regular information bad of the situation of the pupil in the school and not only in the end of each period. In another school located in an half-agricultural zone in the North of the country where the textile industry predominates traditionally, this same question was answered of the following form: With more papers of information on all the activities beyond the meetings of parents; after the meetings of parents to be passed papers for all the parents, therefore ace times is not possible gone its; thus all more would be informed. The Relations Parents Professors, To be Improved, Alone to the Possible Way.

Aver More Dialogue and Persistence In Ensino stops With the Children More Nessisitadas and Dificoldade. These texts had arrived at the hands of the researchers of written form, then they do not know nor the age, nor social origin, nor the degree of instruction. But they know the place and the language. also many of these parents point to the difficulty of that to the times it is difficult to understand what they say professors.