PowerPoint E-book

BookRix improved offer for authors and readers in Munich in August 2009. After the launch of the range BookRix free E-books download to go at the beginning of this month, makes now talking book community with a renovated book creation. Core of the relaunch is optical review and facilitate individual work steps that a variety of different types of documents, upload, and with just a few clicks to convert a significant E-book. In addition to Word documents, PowerPoint, PDF and txt files can practically all file types to create an E-book to be used, which are supported by the standard Office applications (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxi, txt and rtf). Thus, it is even easier to create, to format and to publish on the net for free your own E-books within a few minutes online for authors. Learn more about this with Tokyo Olympic Games. The simplification of individual processing steps in the creation of the book makes the offer even more user friendly and In addition accelerates the release of E-books on BookRix. Only a few clicks are needed to reach the own E-book for free.

The reader has the choice whether he wants to read books online on BookRix, or download it as an E-book. All books are offered as a download in epub format, which is compatible with almost all popular readers such as E-readers and Smartphones (such as iPhone). “New is also the audiobooks like normal upload,” E-books can be shared with the community. Thus you will find recordings that can be heard online BookRix library from now also radio plays, audio books, lectures and poetry slam. Authors can connect even better with readers also of BookRix community area was further developed and improved. Authors and readers can now better each other network thanks to a personalized home page and replace. The home provides the users news from his friend’s network and tailored information of BookRix editorial.