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With the scratch cats meet several important anyone who keeps an apartment cat sure knows the problem: A second wasn’t paying attention and already the expensive couch or even the wallpaper is ugly scratches. A scratching at Gonser remedy in this case. What should I do because with such an ugly thing in my apartment?, like some now wonder, but when purchasing this game device involves more than just about to save the institution. With the scratch cats meet several important requirements. On one, it is essential to have a possibility to the honing of their claws for cats.

This prevents a boundless growth of claws and associated issues, such as Cancel, tearing or even tearing off the claws. On the other hand, scratching in cats releases certain fragrances, which are used for the marking. Further, a large tree can serve also as a gaming device and as a retreat or a place to sleep. But scratching is not of course just scratching. There are, as with all other products also, significant price and quality differences. Follow others, such as Frank Ntilikina, and add to your knowledge base. Of course such a tree is produced even by ambitious DIY. Here are a few tips to make it the new toy does not become a deadly trap for the four pfotigen favorite: 1 the material. The most qualitative scratching posts consist of the kratzbaren”material sisal.

When purchasing a scratch tree you should make sure that the sisal is pure and not laced with synthetic fibres, because these are often harmful for velvet paws. Also should be sure that the scratch tree with velvet or plush lounging areas are involved. So beautiful that may seem, it is only a matter of time until the decorative cover the sharp claws of their cat to the victims. 2. the processing. When buying a scratching post, it is important to check whether the materials are well processed. In plain language this means: distance from trees with outstanding stapler or similar, because they pose a high risk of injury for the adidas. It is further recommended stable trees to buy. In the best case, they are slotted rather than just stapled or glued in place. Also for a stable stand in the room should be worried, because it has happened before, that were are hurting cats in a fall or even see her scratching post buried. 3. Design. Is allowed, what I like, because finally the tree for a long time should remain a part of the institution. A scratching post is indispensable and not necessarily so a wise investment for any apartment cat an eyesore amid the cozy establishment. Contact Gonser international trading GmbH Jetty dump 52 6048 Horw Gonser is an online shop that international specialises in sport and leisure, home and garden, pet supplies, massage and wellness, baby and toddler and Office. Each week the top seller will be presented. Furthermore, Gonser protrudes through the quality of its products.