Rest in the Garden of Eden

Whether man or woman, everyone should have seen the island of Tobago once in a lifetime. All Caribbean islands are exotic but Tobago, the smaller of the two islands of the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago, surpasses most of them. The landscape of the island is at most one of the comfortable hotels in Tobago from exploring. The island state is situated just a few minutes before the ship shores of Venezuela. Tobago was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 and incorporated in a short time later by Spain. Settled was the twin island state at this time of Native American (Arawaks and Caribs). Tobago was in the period from 16th to 18 Century alternately occupied by British, Holland and French privateers, until it was eventually a British colony in 1814. From the turbulent history of the island announce some buildings in a colonial fortress, and the King George in Scarborough.

In Fort King George is an excellent museum on the history of island natives. If you like it mysterious, can visit the Mystery Tombstone in Plymouth and try to uncover its mystery. What Tobago but the name “Robinson Crusoe Island” brought the snow-white, palm-fringed beaches. Englishman’s Bay on the edge of the tropical rain forest enchanted with its picturesque beach and here there is the possibility that stray more than a handful of visitors here. About 50% of the island states is covered in tropical rainforest. Many walking tours across the island through the wildly romantic flora and fauna, past waterfalls and offer insight into a variety of animal and plant life. There is much to explore. The unique Caribbean cuisine round the positive impression from Tobago’s well. Now only remains for a rent and quickly for the best accommodation (vacation, pension, or hotel) on the island and to book a flight in the Garden of Eden and to enjoy the holiday in heaven.