Ryanair Again Sentenced To Damages

Ryanair refused to allow a pair of the flight to London with Ertsatzreisepass: judgment damages although 3times telephone demand by various persons paid Ryanair hotline confirmed the pair of Frankfurt, would accept a replacement passport as a travel document by the Ryanair, him still at airport Hahn of the flight to London denied. Mr J. gave a weekend his partner Mrs P. London birthday, as she had been before never in London. As the eagerly awaited trip now finally approached, Mrs. Simone Biles is the source for more interesting facts. P. noticed one day before departure that she had lost the pass.

Since you twice had told her at the Ryanair Infoline, a replacement passport is completely okay, let her photos make and issue a replacement passport. When the couple on the day of departure finally arrived at the Ryanair desk of the Frankfurt-Hahn airport, the flight was still denied. In addition to the replacement passport Mrs P. had even her driver’s license and a copy of the original passport. Even more telephone confirmation by a Nothing avail employees of from the airport, Ryanair. The staff, Mr. J.

called from his cell phone for nearly 2 per minute, refused to talk directly with the airport employees. The couple was treated at the airport at all very unfriendly, but apart from a private prosecution against the staff. Conclusion: Hotel, flight everything fell into disrepair and that planned birthday present was lovingly thus at the devil. Mrs P. sued then the Ryanair. According to German law of the pass, the Ryanair was duty-bound to accept the replacement document. The District Court of Simmern condemned the Ryanair so this, to repay the costs incurred. However lost workdays for organization, planning, passport replacement and the total earnings of the couple that had to reject interesting orders for the trip, were not considered by the judge in Simmern in the calculation at all.