SCHEMA ST4 Scores With Content Management And Process Optimization

US consulting firm publishes study on global content management Nuremberg. As a single system for technical documentation from Germany SCHEMA ST4 is the study global content management\”of the US consulting firm Common Sense Advisory takes into account. A total 16 different solutions were taken management systems (CCMS) under the magnifying glass of open source products up to component-based content. SCHEMA ST4 impressed analysts, inter alia in the field of content management. Here the software finished second FileNet with EMC Documentum just behind IBM. The study dealt with four key factors that have required for a successful global content management. In the category of multilingual content creation ranked SCHEMA together with EMC Documentum in third place, behind DocZone and IBM FileNet. For internationally active companies content management strategies, so customizing are globally the product information and the company presentation to the respective target market, crucial factors in order to successfully position.

According to the consultant by Common Sense Advisory, more than one billion US dollars in the field of language services were issued last year in Germany alone. With its study on the subject of global management imagine now viable solutions and evaluate also the popular content management systems in this context. As applications Web content management and technical content management crystallized. System requirements for global content and processes for the creation of content and texts it comes when the global content management to capture the content and their further processing, translation and administrative support the systems comfortably. The publication of texts in different languages with non-Latin letter inventory should be easily possible. Translation and localization are typically integrated into workflows, so that the exchange of content between systems must function smoothly. Ensure data standards such as XLIFF, TMX or other text standards like for example, DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). One of the first places with 3.25 out of 4.00 points, right in this area documented SCHEMA ST4 on with EMC Documentum and just behind DocZone and IBM FileNet.