TAKEN EXAMPLES OF HOUSE FOR THE SCHOOL: They are many cases where children if become aggressive with the other colleagues in result of the violence witnessed with the aggressive familiar parents or. The children copy everything what if she makes in house, therefore the behavior of the parents can modify the way to act of the small ones for worse. We must forbid to games and violent films, therefore also they fill the repertoire of experiences of the child with the violence and aggressions that at some moment it can place in practical in the pertaining to school environment. Bullying is the most threatening social patologias, that started to mold violent people for the society. For the solution of this great problematic one she is necessary that he is controlled and until who knows cured, that the aggressive pass for a series of psychological treatments that go since the diagnosis until therapy sessions. 95416a0a47320b&oe=60050296’>rodney atkins.

' ' the man is, over all a consequence of the environment where he passed its infancy; this printed it its mark for all vida' ' (CARDOSO, 1967, P. 40). TREATMENT FOR AGGRESSIVE PUPILS OF BULLYING Bullying is forms of physical, psychological and social aggressions that backwards for times, very important traumas in the life of the pupils who are citizens daily to this type of constaints. Without therapy the child does not obtain to win bullying. ' ' It participates of psychological examinations, sessions of analysis and until psychology in group to face its problem of perto.' ' The problematic one takes time to be executed and requires the participation of all the family for the recovery of the aggressor. ' ' The aggressive behavior of the students does not have to be punished with more violence, in the truth the necessary social pathology to be recognized so that the treatment happens. The participation of the school for the recovery of the child or adolescent is basic, therefore the professors and employees need to be intent to the progressos of the aggressor in the pertaining to school conviviality throughout tratamento.' ' The treatment for bullying already obtained to recoup many children and adolescents, then valley the penalty to enter in contact with a psychologist.