Cheating made easy with in a timely manner at the end of the year the network from the Switzerland expands to Germany. Since 2005, the number of secret nests of originally three rooms offered on has multiplied almost explosively. Well, there’s the fling room also in German lands. And the offer can be seen. The portal was the first of its kind and is unique in Germany. It gives an overview of all offers and provides professional, serious and discreet for all needs of undisturbed togetherness in whole Germany. Customers now have the advantage of finding room locations in all Germany at a glance, without any need to browse through various forums or search the Internet for hours.

Even the map is also helpful in finding the nearest location. And providers can present themselves here comfortably and easily. The purpose of fling room”is, people – couples, lovers, in pairs, threes or as -a possibility to offer, discreetly and without to enjoy time pressure in a pleasant atmosphere. Many couples in long-term relationships share offering, to find distance from everyday life or the calm before the children and so bring life into your love life. For young people, which is still home, is there offered ideal. And there are free offers for couples Valentin day! Increasing the proportion of married couples who bring something more tension in her love life with a special night of love in one of these rooms, the operators say.

The reasons for the huge demand can be used only to speculate. According to couple therapist Klaus army is to eat the Hag”today not more than as bad as it was a few years ago:”it becomes more and more the peccadillo. Although it severely shattered virtually every relationship, when it comes out. Cheating is while has always been a big issue. “Is new but, that women are like men today nearly as often and blatantly untrue,” as army. From the luxurious love nest to cosy attic about hotels and b & BS. About a thousand adventures are posted monthly in the Switzerland on. This will be topped now in Germany. Just to the end of the year between Christmas and new year – the number of fans increases immensely: by married couples, undisturbed want to have sex from the family visit of acquaintances of the Christmas office party to the lover, enjoy the safe new year’s Eve. There are many reasons for an undisturbed and memorable adventures. Not only for fave, but for couple constellations of whatsoever.