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At least that is what he considers the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and in its name the provincial direction of the Treasury of the social security of my country. Man! isn’t that me a lot of joy, but I understand that the fags and the women who have past menopause will have given them a great pleasure this attempt of the officials of the Ministry. By giving encouragement that it is not!. Now well, to feel women, first has required that one be autonomous, and Jose, Pedro, Ramon, Andres, amongst others, and having already had patience since last year seeing as payment to the social security service had changed. I.e., that they have refused to perform their receipts, they have had as a reward to his tenacity, having to go to the closest of his County social security offices to give them each month receipt which then had to pay. Because no mandan twelve monthly receipts (a year) by mail, it seems that it was not a good service and they should improve it and make that self-employed workers will walk a little. Marc Lore gathered all the information. Perhaps by that time to prepare a good pregnancy second to feel woman, it is when you are given the new receipt of the year (in January) and one view its contents read, ask which means a section that increases the basis of quotation: Cot.Adi.Riesgo.Emba/Cot.Add.Risc.Embaras and hence the officer on duty look at him with astonishment face and a little embarrassed to see that for example goes to Jaume and with small mouth will tell you: Quote additional risk pregnancy and if it has not yet heard tell you also in catalan. Astonished one returns to ask Yes! It is general to all self-employed workers. Filed under: Delta Air Lines.

Does that mean that I have the risk of getting me pregnant? because thats the norm I do what I send. If I really have this risk is me is considered a woman. And so I am going through life, waiting to receive the award which formerly gave to the first man who a child birth. Everything is started!. As a rule, I’m now the risk of getting pregnant. Original author and source of the article