The next age category starts somewhere in the 10 years. It's a different story. The child developed, if not more so. The young man of that age have already developed fingers, identified the primary musical preferences, and developed the emotional sphere, and a very important point – he already knows how to take intelligent information more complexity. Development at this age is faster, the guitar, you can use already normal size (not reduced). The child in this age of growing up in her eyes, and in direct proportion is his musical development. The only difficulty – still not very developed motivation to get the result, and in Basically – this is a central pedagogical task in the process of building a plan urokov.Zanyatiya guitar guitar for children from 14 years and older (teen age category).

Awkward age of 14 years and older – very productive age. A lot, including the success and learning to play the guitar, as are the guitar lessons, depending on the degree of confidence in the student's teacher. If this trust and respect between student and teacher there, no problems at all no, and do guitar lessons derived productive and enduring. The main thing here – not to interfere with the adolescent to develop the way he wants it and is already under underlay these professional skills of guitar playing. As a rule, the student knows exactly what he wanted to play and what he is nuzhno.Zaklyuchenie In summary: in principle to start learning to play the guitar at any age. In each age period solved their problem. The younger the student, the slower the process. On the other hand, the early start on the guitar lessons – the great professional heights can be achieved and the longer and stability will result. And most importantly, you should never push a child or even more so get to play the guitar. Music – it's not a school, – the development of the emotional sphere, and where it comes to emotions, we must be extremely careful – otherwise you can leave the 'scar' in the shower and complex of all life. This approach thus vystoroennye guitar lessons, with the correct 'soft' motivation to be taken seriously question leads to the desired result.