Vocational school of Styria: Students with modern software for the professional equipped Office of the provincial government sets for all vocational schools in Styria, Austria on the education and training software MasterSolution Suite XL and combines them with the appropriate system protection MasterSolution protect. In the currently 20 vocational schools of the province of Styria, students prepare to meet the needs of the modern world of work. Training to support them, the vocational schools were featuring 6 d vocational education Department through the Office of the provincial Government of Styria – 1898 licenses MasterSolution Suite XL and 1338 licenses MasterSolution protect. The individual vocational schools use different systems. Selected schools setting among other things to the seamless installation of the software in the Terminal Server environment as Landesberufsschule Knittelfeld, the MasterSolution Suite XL since over a year successfully on your Terminal Server uses. MasterSolution Suite XL features the vocational schools numerous, didactic and allows a modern teaching.

For the full attention and integration of vocational students can be screens viewed in real-time and all possible programs and files transferred, assigned or blocked. The software solution features in addition, specifically for use in the lab or in several computer rooms. MasterSolution protect offers a reliable system protection and recovery by clicking the vocational schools and combined PC recovery reboot as well as user-specific profile management in one solution. “The protection settings of both MasterSolution solutions work coordinated and therefore offer the optimum all-round protection” for the entire computer system in the Styrian vocational schools. The scenarios for the vocational schools in Styria named are only an excerpt from the product portfolio of MasterSolution AG.