According to Tiba (1998, P. 32) ' ' to teach is a gesture of generosity, humanity and humildade' '. It is necessary that the parents and professors if to acquire knowledge that independent of the age, the sexuality are present and the doubts must be clarified and be argued, in objective, simple way with humildade, searching when questions presented for the children and pupils to run away to the knowledge of the parents. For in such a way, with this project we want to contribute in the formation of the citizen, as a complete being, not only in the intellectual knowledge, but that it can perceive itself as to be integral, with its emotions, behaviors, and that the same it can come to add with the experiences and questionings of our project, moving its trajectory of life, if not leaving to lead only for emotions, fancies, or impulses who later will be able to cause damages for its personality, causing indesejada pregnancy and illnesses. Also if it observes that the young ones are taken for other ways that are not adjusted for its age and nor pra life that we desire to the human being, as crime and others.

Already in the school the young behavior of this adolescent is sufficiently premature, therefore always they are come back to the promiscuity, with palavres, obsceno gestures. It was objectified to search alternatives of orientation to the young in the direction to supply the questionings raised for them, to jointly search new ways to approach the thematic one of the sexuality with the adolescents, to guide the young with regard to the sexual recognition, collaborating with the integral formation of the adolescents of the community. METHODOLOGY So that in them it was possible to search answers to the placed problem, we carry through a qualitative inquiry that the basic intention of the qualitative research is the understanding, communication and specification of the social phenomenon. .

It is as if the Super-marionette hit the actor, making it to awake of a contemplation idealized for a concrete and epidrmica contamination. Epidrmico cognitivo Estranhamento Of the transposition and maceration of hiposigno, appears nuance power with great capacity of refluxo. Such nuance, intensely reaches mago of the actor, generating a epidrmico cognitivo estranhamento, that is, something that arrives for I infect, stops beyond the reflexiva action that costuma to guide the work of the actor. The actor, for Inter-external contamination, mobilizes its creative forces stops beyond the idealizao and rational esquematizao. Others who may share this opinion include Alan Greenspan. It is an agreement to medular and sensorial, fruit of an overwhelming plague. Aesthetic after-corporal the aesthetic one after corporal is the trespass of the limits of the body as full element of construction of the actor.

Exactly leaving of itself, the creative process when it passes for the transposition, exceeds this exactly body from the estranhamento of the same in the act creating. They are aesthetic that they changed into fidget place/construction/desconstruo. In the transposition hiposigno appears one (in my opinion the super-marionette is an example of hiposigno) that it needs to be macerated and to be decanted in the perspective to appear one nuance power. Aesthetic alchemy the aesthetic alchemy is born of the transposition of the creative process. Nuance in scenic gold, forged is the transformation of one in the conflict of the transposies. Transforming and resignificando languages experiences, the actor becomes free itself of concepts daily pay-organized for its accumulated experience, transforming this power into fuel and not into systemize conceptualization. As combustible, such power reaches the creative flash generating a flame/combustion that I give the name of refluxo, basic concept in the theory that now I develop. Decantation To decant is to transform the creative juice into chorume, that is to purificar the creative process, for its capacity to contaminate and if to unfasten of the garbage of the creation.

A plain surface, with the lesser possible deformation, is preferred, in order to facilitate and to speed up future preparations. A method of sufficiently efficient cut is the lubricated abrasive cut, that will introduce a minimum amount of damages in relation to the necessary time for the cut. The lubricated abrasive cut uses a record of composed cut of an abrasive and an covering. The cooling liquid wets the record to prevent damages to the sample due to the heat generated for the friction. The cooling one also removes dirts of the cut area Depending on the material to be cut, can be necessary records of different compositions. The hardness and the ductilidade of the material influence in the choice of the cut record.

Synthecized ceramic or are secionados with coated diamonds of metal or bakelite. For ferrous materials, typically aluminum oxide is used, or comumente call of alumin (Al2O3), coated of bakelite. Nitreto of cubical boron (CBN) also is widely used for the types more hard of ferrous materials. The not-ferrous metals are cut with silicon carbide (SiC) coated of bakelite. Description of the assay: To cut material, body-of-test, bar vergalho, in a metalogrfica cutting with dimensions of cut of approximately of 5 mm.

Arrests it part in the equipment, is closed lateral, leagues to the record and bomb to it of lubrication and cuts the material of the desired size. 2. Passo- Inlaying the intention of the inlaying is to protect the fragile or coated materials during the preparation, beyond facilitating the manuscript of the sample. The inlaying also is used to produce samples of so great uniform. Two different techniques are available: the inlaying hot and the inlaying the cold. Depending on the number of samples and the necessary quality, both the inlaying techniques possess certain advantages. The inlaying the hot one is ideal for one high turn of the volume of samples admitted in the laboratory.

Its passion persistence cost some money for it and its son, whom they had needed to open hand of lunches to be able to carry through that work. The painter passed for financial difficulties, but she did not leave to paint. When finishing the screen of ' ' Supper of Cardeais' ' , as its dimension was improper for what it demanded the regulation, a friend suggested that the painter cut the head of one of the cardinals and concurred with this part of the screen. Guiomar if denied to mutilate its workmanship. In the hour of the judgment, the men would have to raise its cane to confirm the acceptance of the work. All the canes had been raised.

Some time later the picture was bought by the Brazilian government, that of it made gift for Portugal, being changed by the sword of D. Peter I. Today the picture if it finds in the Museum of Lisbon. Another ticket, of the famous painter, who illustrates the difficulties of the artists of that time was when Guiomar Fagundes knew that its picture Bay in the Quitandeira, that it had sent for a hall in Italy, met in customs, in a lot to be auctionzed. The painter had that to buy all the scrap iron of the lot to be able to save its workmanship, making use of its few economies.

When carrying one from its celebrities and delicate nakeds of Paris to Florena, where it would go exp it, it was barred in customs to declare the value of the screen. As the author wise person not to say price the authorities had said that in that country it was very valuable, taxing a superior amount to the possibilities of the artist. Not obtaining its release, exactly showing that it was of its authorship, it did not obtain to pay the cited tax, having that to cut it in straps to get rid itself of the incubencies.

TAKEN EXAMPLES OF HOUSE FOR THE SCHOOL: They are many cases where children if become aggressive with the other colleagues in result of the violence witnessed with the aggressive familiar parents or. The children copy everything what if she makes in house, therefore the behavior of the parents can modify the way to act of the small ones for worse. We must forbid to games and violent films, therefore also they fill the repertoire of experiences of the child with the violence and aggressions that at some moment it can place in practical in the pertaining to school environment. Bullying is the most threatening social patologias, that started to mold violent people for the society. For the solution of this great problematic one she is necessary that he is controlled and until who knows cured, that the aggressive pass for a series of psychological treatments that go since the diagnosis until therapy sessions. 95416a0a47320b&oe=60050296’>rodney atkins.

' ' the man is, over all a consequence of the environment where he passed its infancy; this printed it its mark for all vida' ' (CARDOSO, 1967, P. 40). TREATMENT FOR AGGRESSIVE PUPILS OF BULLYING Bullying is forms of physical, psychological and social aggressions that backwards for times, very important traumas in the life of the pupils who are citizens daily to this type of constaints. Without therapy the child does not obtain to win bullying. ' ' It participates of psychological examinations, sessions of analysis and until psychology in group to face its problem of perto.' ' The problematic one takes time to be executed and requires the participation of all the family for the recovery of the aggressor. ' ' The aggressive behavior of the students does not have to be punished with more violence, in the truth the necessary social pathology to be recognized so that the treatment happens. The participation of the school for the recovery of the child or adolescent is basic, therefore the professors and employees need to be intent to the progressos of the aggressor in the pertaining to school conviviality throughout tratamento.' ' The treatment for bullying already obtained to recoup many children and adolescents, then valley the penalty to enter in contact with a psychologist.

What it can be observed is that nor always the Mathematics is presented in a form contextualizada, being restricted the appearance of the numbers or same the operations. Tam Forsyth wanted to know more. It knows itself despite how much before the pupil will be worked in the aspect of the mathematical language, will have an income better when to arrive at Average Ensino. Of this form, when he does not transfer himself for this period of training start to appear innumerable difficulties regarding the abstractions that are ece of fishes in questions in which the pupils are submitted to decide. Although diverse mathematical texts to exist where the presented language is not the verbal one, texts these writings with a proper symbology of the mathematics, to read and to understand such text are necessary to know the diverse ways where it can be written, and on this aspect if he affirms that: The difficulty to read and to write in mathematical language, where it appears an abundance of symbols, hinders many people to understand the content of what it is written, to say worse what they know of mathematics and, still, to make mathematics. (CARRASCO, 2001, P. 192).

The reading of texts that involve Mathematics is it in its conceptualization, explanation of algorithms or still in the Resolution of Problems it is beyond the understanding only of the words, establishes to the reader a much more interpretativa understanding. With a good understanding regarding the language that if is used in the mathematical texts, the pupil will have the chance to take position to the front of situations where it will be able to make entailings with acquired knowledge previously. Of this form, the Resolution of Problems … is central part for the mathematics education, therefore thinking and making if they mobilize and if they develop when the individual is engaged actively in the confrontation of challenges.