“Behind the well-known name of a successful book author increasingly it a if the term ghost writer falls, there are still many people, that something forbidden” connect, even a service that’s something shady. In recent times the term ghostwriter occurred often in the media coverage of, when it came to the former Defense Minister zu Guttenberg to the plagiarism scandal. But that is only one side of the ghostwriter scene, not necessarily using them to the self-promotion. Long gone are the times in which conjured conspiratorial meetings in dark backrooms with briefcases full of cash with the term ghost writer? Today are very different movies. The fact that there are people who have ghostwritten prefer writing, instead of writing itself, has become today acceptable. The modern ghost writer of today a recognized and much sought-after service provider is similar in the United States, perhaps not quite so pronounced. And writing business buzzing! Especially on the Book market! Many books that even regularly make it into the bestseller lists, are no longer written by the actual author, whose name is on the book cover, but ghostwritten.

One of them is Alexander snake, bittersweet now belonging to agency with his ghostwriting the first addresses in Europe, when it comes to the planning, design, and writing successful books. GhostWriter, such as Alexander ASP support especially prominent personalities from show, sport, business and politics. Of course for a mostly princely fee. That brings benefits to all participants involved, the ghostwriter have finally the necessary experience, fingertip feel and especially the important talent and training to write. “Just like in any other industry the stars of the scene” is, so even various Ghostwriters have made a name for itself. You are also be preferably hired by celebrities of various stripes as ghostwriter.

That comes across through the whole thing Promilandschaft!”replies snake on the question who do everything so his agency dark asks Alexander. There are celebrities from sports and Showbiz, but increasingly well-known managers, politicians or entrepreneurs who can afford a ghostwriter.” However, the snake will not disclose current name. However, it is known that for example of the pop Titan and Dieter Bohlen DSDS-jury member in his two bestsellers nothing but the truth and behind the scenes has received support by a ghost writer. In this case, it was the journalist Katja Kessler, who is professionally active in the picture Agency. Professional ghostwriter as Alexander ASP are not only engaged when it comes to books by celebrities. The so called corporate book is given, for example, by a company commissioned is strong in the agreement. Ghost writer books for celebrities looks at snake as his daily work routine. Corporate books are more businesses, his agency also has specialized in the the duty. Just on the latter are lacking jobs for ghost writer, because a corporate book is not a highly efficient and effective marketing and PR tool that stands out in particular due to its sustainability from all other instruments. Peter Constantin, dark

Gerry X – Heidi ad Hoc the Gagarin’s & Special Guests Stephan Peters, Christian Breuer Karl & Karla Bukowski in action – Bukowski lived what Nietzsche once wrote: what does not kill me makes only harder! Bukowski fans, beware! The 08.08.09 Culex events held a Bukowski-party of a different kind. Contact information is here: Peter Shilton. In the world capital of culture Meerbusch in the space Ossum Bukowski’s immortality is celebrated and represented by various artists on the stage. One week before the 89th birthday of the King of odd jobs and literary scandals X lead Gerry & Heidi ad Hoc as Karl & Karla Bukowski with smug dialogues through the Festival. The two imaginary siblings of Bukowski’s conduct dialogues, would he have been Rhinelander, best had been also the poet face. The two word artists and special guests read and live his poems, interpret the hard life and work of the writer of the exception. In his own books, Gerry lights X, a dream versponnener drunk, in melancholy aggressive The depths of human existence from words.

Heidi ad Hoc can be with their debut album LilSchwarz not classified in the usual literary categories, even delicate sensitive, even crystal clear she brings her thoughts on the point and paper. The from the”Westdeutsche Zeitung as German Stephen King voltage author of Stephan Peters described guest is the reading performance series free spirits as special as well with chaos ensemble, such as the Cologne poet and Performer Christian Breuer, for some time” in the ArTheater in Cologne. The Gagarin – sax player Uli Linberg & guitarist Dominik Haring – provide the blue notes, with the blues of the response to the American way of life is,”ad adsurdum has led the Bukowski. Not only spiritual nourishment awaits the Viewer. Art beer garden of the Ossum space you can treat yourself with culinary grilled. Surrounded is the beer garden with from tree stumps milled and carved wood chainsaw art by Roland Giersch and Torsten Fugmann Ossum free space. Various art forms become a body that you can feel and touch this evening. The event”…

der ganz normale Wahnsinn the Bukowski – Sepcial the 08.08.09 at the FREIRAUM OSSUM, Ossum 11 40668 Meerbusch (between Dusseldorf & Krefeld) takes place. Party beginning at 7: 00, the performances start at 21 o’clock. The fee is 10,-. There is more info, texts & images,,,, &. Gerry X’ interpretation of the “Ancient poets”by Bukowski to enjoy culexverlag. You have to introduce to the world of Bukowski’s… M. p from Culex – events

New book arose from the think tank in Heidelberg Heidelberg In 2007 the idea of the frightening messages that arrive every day on us, to create a counterpoint, was born the idea of the day lyrics by Alexander Nastasi. Since then, born 1970 in Heidelberg, married writer every day is a beautiful thought on the Internet weblog.alexandernastasi.de. It quickly created a fanbase, and soon the desire to bring the texts in printed form, for example, to a hospital. First, the soul dangle books were a kind of insider’s tip among friends and acquaintances quickly it spread but, you can make only one which relax with these texts, and can enjoy themselves and others. Now another style in the series is released: Nastasi is it remained faithful to his present band character and has brought the handy book on 84 pages, where this time the peculiarity that is half of the pages dedicated to six months day poetry is, so to speak, a best of the day poetry, selected by his wife. The other half processed the experiences of common Turkey holiday at the beginning of the year.

Let go on the summer sun in your heart. The Ribbon available in bookstores everywhere and at all online shippers for 6.50 euros ISBN 3837063453. author website by Alexander Nastasi responsible for this press release marketing Nastasi Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel.: 06224/924255 fax: 06224 / 924259 Heidelberg family-owned company offers a full service for seminar organization, including online and offline marketing, space rental and collection of. Since May 2008, the company operates an online training portal, mainly for people who want to achieve personal goals whatsoever with mental techniques such as the Affirmieren, manifesting and visualizing and surpass. It is succeeded to create a symbiosis of technology and assistance in life that still did not exist in this form. Dr. Manfred Mohr, husband of famous writer Barbel Mohr, include the references now Christian Reiland, the successful author of LOA the law of attraction and more.

Personal book recommendations by the favorite author of Munich, April 29, 2010 Ildiko von Kurthy, Sebastian Fitzek, Wolfgang Hohlbein, and 27 more popular authors answer all reader questions in the Buchcommunity LovelyBooks to introduce the book question, the new service for personal book recommendations on the Web. BRIGITTE.de is to launch exclusive media partner. The action of 30 days, 30 authors”offer LovelyBooks and BRIGITTE.de, Germany’s leading website for women, the opportunity for all fans of the book, some the most popular German-language authors to meet and personally to pick up reading them. For 30 days will every day another author supervise the book issue and there side by side with LovelyBooks members answer the questions the reader. As the exclusive media partner, BRIGITTE.de extensive editorial will accompany the action. The beginning of the famous comedian and author Bernhard makes camel on May 4, 2010. There the authors follow Amelie Fried, Sibylle Berg, greed, Markus Heitz, Kai Meyer, Jorg Maurer, Jan Seghers and many more. You may want to visit Walgreens to increase your knowledge.

Some of the authors be sure take the opportunity to book ask themselves, to give personal book recommendations from community members to have. We are thrilled that so many authors in this campaign to join”, Mirjam Mieschendahl, project manager at LovelyBooks says. The variety of genres and book knowledge of the 30 authors are really unique. There is something for every reader, and all genres are represented: thriller, fantasy, novel, humor. A daily look at the calendar’s worth. We look forward to the action and on the exchange between readers and authors look forward.” The question of the book is a revolutionary service for personal book recommendations on the Web.

Readers can ask all questions about authors and books and get personal responses and individual book recommendations by many readers and book able from the LovelyBooks community. Each Internet user with an email address can join. Registration is not necessary. Gets the answers the questioner on LovelyBooks.de or on Request directly by E-Mail. In the first days since the book question alone, over 500 book questions and more than 2,000 responses were fired. Links: the LovelyBooks book question: book question of the appointment calendar to the action 30 days 30 authors: book question/30Tage-30Autoren press release and image material for downloading: action/download book question BRIGITTE.de Homepage: about LovelyBooks.de: LovelyBooks monthly more than 150,000 unique users and over 100,000 readers reviews is the leading book community in German-speaking countries.

Wilfried Reuter: The medicine of Buddha. What does cure mean edition steinrich 2011 Wilfried Reuter, head of the Center Lotus Vihara in Berlin and obstetricians and Gynecologists, knows what he writes, when he refers to the medicine of Buddha. Both conventional medicine and the medicine of the Buddha are familiar to him as a doctor and Buddhist teachers from decades of experience. In his second book Edition working steinrich Reuter means healing with topics such as what”to live with pain” and ethical decisions in difficult situations”. The author describes very impressively that healing means more than physical healing, our entire human being contains and causes to be in profound peace with ourselves and our lives. After him, healing is even possible, if we no longer physically healthy Wilfried Reuter can as we described the path of healing and acceptance with confidence and confidence can go with many examples and concrete suggestions. Doing a very thorough description of a woman with cancer provides a framework, based on which we concretely, understand what is meant by actual healing. Live in the chapter on pain”illuminated the author the topic of pain and makes it clear that pain and suffering are not the same, but that suffering only begins when we defend us against the pain, resist him, let him.

Each person experiences pain, but we must not suffer. In this book, we learn how we can get to that we must persist despite pain in negativity, but can open our hearts. Ethical decisions in difficult situations”, Wilfried Reuter describes with a concrete example of a premature birth, which he accompanied as physician and which dealt with life and death of the child, as we the seven enlightenment elements of Buddhism can be used, that they lead us to make beneficial decisions, i.e. decisions that harm to any living being. The members of the enlightenment begin with mindfulness.

To do this, the author writes: without mindfulness can be your Spirit easily dominated by emotions, personal patterns, embossing and this adult projections and one-sided perspectives. From unilateral perspectives, you may make decisions which are ethically unhealthy and potentially harm you and others. A careful mind can easily switch the perspective.” This and the other members of the enlightenment are explained here as practical that we can apply them directly in our everyday lives. A very alltagsnahes and practical booklet! Hardcover Pocket format, 112 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-20-5, Euro 12,90, Traudel Reiss