In the workmanship seedbed the impacts in the courses will be restricted d' water and water-bearing preventing of assoreamentos and to prevent to the maximum to waterproof surfaces on the natural land remaining, not to cause reduction of the infiltration capacity of water for the ground, being faced the resources with preservacionista, plain character of reduction of the consumption in the execution phase as monitoramento of emptyings and exploitation of the water of rain. Consumption of energy and transport: Alternative technologies that reduce the energy consumption with more efficient equipment use and better exploitation of the natural light and to carry through logistic study of of deliveries and the withdrawals of material being stipulated: dates, schedules and conditions of delivery, conditioning that they are carried through in the schedules more adjusted for the neighborhood, preventing deliveries in schedules of transit peak and to make sure of that the transporting companies have complete information on the place of the workmanship. Conservation of fauna and local flora: To guarantee the protection of the flora and the local fauna it is necessary that all the people in the workmanship are acquired knowledge on the question and trained in the procedures of protection to the nature, having this commitment to be communicated and duly express for the constructor (GEHLEN, 2008). Education of the collaborators: It requires a periodic work with the employees so that exactly it has for the conscience and comprometimento with the ambient questions and not for obligation. In a question-answer forum Ted Elliott was the first to reply. The challenge is to work citizenship in set the socioambientais questions making possible that the professional has in favor of the benefits to the collective. The inclusion of the ambient questions as bedding of an education for the citizenship, condiz the quo the education is including the sufficient to leave of side the ambient adjective. However, the ambient education has been of great value to the systems of learning that use critical reflections and of participativas decisions, in order to give to the people and to the professionals of the company, greaters possibilities of enxergar its performance of ample form. A sustainable construction is initiated by means of a responsible workmanship, considering that the main activity of the constructors occurs in the seedbeds, evidencing the importance of the same ones to work with concepts gerenciadores of conflicts and minimizadores of harmful impacts to the environment..

We perceive that it is easy to give our contribution for the ambient support, for minor who this can seem. In post previous I commented on ‘ ‘ footprint ecolgica’ ‘ (It sees link the size of its Ecological Footprint! in blog of the author). Perhaps check out Andrew Adamson for more information. It will be that we consume thinking about the environment, we consume only the sufficient, only what it is enough in them for day-by-day? – How we use the water? Reverse speed-we use to advantage the water? We leave on hose a tempo in the garden, or washing the sidewalk, or the car? During the bath, we close the tap when we ensaboamos in them? – We leave on lights and equipment in some cmodos, or look for to save energy? – We look for to maximize the walked ones, we use collective transport, we walk of bicycle, we give alone hitchhiking or we use the car, in all the occasions? – And how much the diverse gifts, objects and purchases of R$1,99? Then, considering the profile of society occidental person of the present, with our current ecological footprint, of the one not to continue. Lais Mouro S (the creative clutter: ambient crisis and education), cite David Orr (1992): ‘ ‘ The crisis of socioeconmica and ecological support that affects modernity seriously can also be interpreted as a psychic crisis and spiritual. This crisis of support would have its roots in the loss of the ethical bonds that protected and regulated the domain relations on the nature, and that they had been part of the experience of our species, in the societies that had preceded the current civilizatrio model. Thus, can be said that the current crisis is fruit of pathological conditions of the conscience human being, that had annulled the instinctive force of collective survival of the species, taking it to destroy it the proper conditions ecological that support its existence in the planet ‘ ‘. (Surrounding and Education, Rio Grande, 9:69 – 84, 2004) With this reflection I conclude, making one I appeal I stop that all let us adopt best the practical ones to the reach of each one, so that we let us face with determination and consistency our ambient crisis, that also is spiritual.

It is not asked for that in them let us delouse of all the corporeal properties, as San Francisco de Assis. But we can limiting in them to only consume what it is enough for day-by-day of a healthful life. In the doubt, before deciding for the consumption, let us make the following question: What I intend to consume is only the sufficient, only is enough what me for day-by-day? Our decision will tend to be conscientious and will be able to show the way of the support. * Ecological water footprint (Water footprint): total volume of water that is used to produce foods and services consumed for the people, the productive sector or a nation.

Quotation of prices for the accomplishment of the campaign for the re-education how much to the selective garbage collection was carried through, including the final art and impression of the news with a drawing of 3.000 units, beyond the posters and pamphlets. Value of the collecting materials of lixoR$ 21,372, 48 Value of the hand of workmanship for installation of the lixeiras and placasR$ 5,000, 00 Value of the plates of sinalizaoR$ 7,095, 67 Value of the Campaign of publicidadeR$ 10,500, 00 total Cost of projetoR$ 43,968, 15 Advantages of the Recycling. The results of the recycling are expressive in such a way in the ambient field, as in the fields economic and social. In the half-environment the recycling can reduce the gradual garbage accumulation the production of new materials, as for example the paper, that would demand the cut of more trees; the emissions of gases as methane and carbonic gas; the aggressions to the ground, air and water; among others as many negative factors. By the same author: Gabby Douglas. In the economic aspect the recycling contributes for the use more rational of the natural resources and the replacement of those resources that are passveis of reverse speed-exploitation. In the social scope, the recycling not only provides better quality of life for the people, through the ambient improvements, as well as it has generated many ranks of work and income for people who live in the layers poor. In Brazil the carroceiros exist or catadores of paper, that live of the sales of sucatas, aluminum papers, cans and other materials you recycle left for the garbage.

Also they work in the collection or the classification of materials for the recycling. To broaden your perception, visit Simone Biles. As it is a laborious, weighed and dirty service, it does not have great attractive power for the slices most qualified of the population. Thus, for many of people that works in the recycling (in special the ones that they have little formal education), the recycling is one of the only alternatives to gain its sustenance. Time of decomposition of the garbage Rind of banana or laranja2 Chiclete10 years years Rope of nylon30 Couro30 years vidamais years long Packing of 100 years Diaper descartvelmais of 600 years Bottle of plsticomais of 100 years Can of ao5 years Can of alumniomais of 100 Palito years of fsforo6 months Paper 3 months Paper plastificado1 the 5 Pneusindefinido years, more than 500 years cigarette Tip (Guimbas) the 10 20 years Remaining portions orgnicos2 the 12 months Plsticos30 Bags the 40 Tecido100 years the 400 Vidro4000 years years FINAL CONCLUSION We conclude with this project, that currently to work with the selective collection does not only bring benefits for the environment, but also for the companies implant who it. A good option for the SUESC would be this adopting the current trend to possess in its selective campus, collectors and program of selective collection and recycling of the produced garbage, permanently keeping a campaign of education and awareness of the importance of this practical. This is a project that demand great expense of resources, however, its benefits finish surpassing the expenses, collaborating to improve the image of the institution as a whole, adding value to name SUESC. APPENDIX

Also it is evidenced that the garbage deposited there of inadequate form and without measures of protection is provoking the indiscriminate ambient degradation of the nature with serious ambient impact. The discomfort caused for the odor in the place, the development of .causing insects of patogenias, the lack of control and the deposition of the garbage is visible, not having clarifications to the inhabitants in order to promote in its proper residence a previous separation of the garbage and of as to prevent the disordered consumption. The objectives will be directed to the understanding and the elimination of solid residues and its final deposition that generally are made of errnea form and without the well-taken care of had ones, its classification and forms of treatment, causing the degradation of the nature, pollution of the ground, the net hidrogrfica, of damages to the health, amongst others. This work has for objective, to consider the following lines of direction: To guide the society on the different ways of treatment of solid residues, synthecizing each one of them; To sensetize and to mobilize the community on the importance of the adjusted final destination of the garbage through seminaries, meetings and courses; To form multipliers enabling professors, agents of health, municipal cleanness and managers; To stimulate the selective collection to increase the supervened one of Aterro; To stimulate the formation of the Nucleus of Ambient Education to plan and to follow significant actions in the local ambient questions. To request of the authorities the creation of one I fill with earth bathroom for the region, what he would to a large extent improve the discomfort and insalubridade in the place. In the City he will be created a new vision on the urban cleanness and final disposal of the solid residues, as factors that demand planning, investment, monitoramento and social participation, also improving tourist points of the city..

Possibly the person will arrive at your top of weight (where she will not lose as much weight as before; because the body tries to maintain a weight healthful), and discover that if does not continue losing they will not be able to continue being happy. These small symptoms to end is a very common type of nutritional disorder and therefore he is healthful neither for you, nor for your body nor for your mind. Signs of alert in the diets. How you know if some of the thinning diets is not being healthful? * You continue with the diet, even if no longer you have overweight * physical Changes, such as weakness, headaches or mareos * You stop seeing your family and friendly. * The scholastic yield is deficient * You eat privily * You think about the food all along * You restrict your social activities by the food or the compulsive exercise * You have fear to foods. Check out olympics for additional information.

* You use comfortable clothes as a form to hide to your extreme thinness * Vomits or diarrhoeas after the meals the diets and the control of weight can consume your life. To accept your body, and to choose healthful options can ayudarte have your weight under control and enjoy your life at the same time However, what can help you instead of the harmful diets of thinning? * Exercise, mainly exercises of weights, the muscles are the main fat burners. * Taking milk, but free of skimmed fat or. It contains many nutrients, she is healthful and in addition low in calories. * It eats variety of meals (it tries to eat at least 5 times to the day) fruits and vegetables. * Taking much water, helps you to lose calories. * It eats clean meat and protein discharges like head of cattle, chicken, fish, kidney beans or egg.

Among the developers of the bill – the upper house speaker Sergei Mironov. Moscow City Duma in session also supported the bill to the State Duma, Russia's transition to providing standard time. Recall, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in November 2009 during the annual address to the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation proposed to discuss the feasibility of daylight saving time, and to consider reducing the number of time zones. Russia has 11 time zones. The head of WWF Russia (WWF), Igor Chestin considers that the abolition of the transition to winter time will increase energy consumption in Russia, which in turn may increase greenhouse gas emissions by power plants. Translation of the shooter for one hour at the time was administered to In order to make maximum use of daylight. With the rejection of the transition to winter time obviously will increase energy consumption, and this in turn leads to the fact that power plants will be in even greater volume of disposed greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, said Chestin.

Cancel the transition to winter time would increase daylight in Siberia, which will positively affect the health of Siberians. Experts estimate that now by switching to winter time savings range from 0.1% to 0.2% of total electricity consumption. At the same time, resulting in energy efficiency programs could save Russia about 40%. Indian gunmen kidnapped six environmental reserve in the WWF north-eastern India last week gunmen kidnapped six environmentalists World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who were involved in the census of tigers and elephants in Assam in northeastern India. The police suspect that a crime may be involved militants separatist group National Democratic Front Bodolenda (NDFB), which operates in the area.

Abducted doing census of elephants and tigers located near Manas Ultapani Nature Park as part of the Government of India, accounting programs of these animals by using new techniques. Several days later, militants set free three people – female part of a group of environmentalists. All three of WWF employee feel good. Meanwhile, three other employees of the fund are still held hostage. Information on the requirements of militants have been reported yet. Manas park, established in 1928 year, spread at the foot of the Himalayas near the border with Bhutan. In addition to tigers and elephants live here unique golden langurs, wild buffaloes, Indian rhinoceroses. In 1985, the UN has made the park's World Heritage List. Felling oak Khimkinskaya begin in late 2011, construction work for laying tracks through the Khimki forest resumed in mid-March, said on Thursday first deputy chairman of state-owned 'Russian roads' ('Avtodor'), Sergei Kelbakh. He also said that the felling of oak Khimkinskaya will not begin before the end of 2011. Oak Grove is an island stretch of 450 meters and 100 meters wide. Recall that the final decision on construction of new toll motorway Moscow – St. Petersburg through Khimki Forest December 14, 2010 announced the Government Commission Vice-Premier Sergei Ivanov. Recall Plans construction of the highway through the Khimki forest evoked protests from many local residents and environmentalists, and after the August clashes 'defenders Khimki Forest' with the builders, the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to halt construction and to hold additional public and expert discussion of the project. Environmentalists have argued that cutting down swaths under the road will destroy the entire forest Khimki, but experts have once again endorsed the originally approved project. Authorities, in turn, promise to fully compensate for deforestation.

This world caipira is disarticulated by the advent of the cultivation in the center-south and by the farms of cattle, as well as for the increasing urbanization and the fight and land illegal occupancy of landed property; the aorianos are immigrant of the Aores and the island of the wood, in Portugal, that if had established in the catarinense coast and river-grandense from middle of century XVIII. These colonists were agriculturists and fishing in its places of origin and, when they had fixed themselves here also had started to combine agriculture with fishes. Many arts of fish new had been introduced by these fishing in the places for where they migravam, however it fishes, it predatory and of attack by teen street gang, it became to feel between this community. Much of these fishing, as resulted of the urban expansion and the reduction of the supplies, had moved to the sector of services taking care of to the great contingent of tourists who pass vacation in the catarinense coast and river-grandense; the varzeiros that are the traditional populations that live to the edges of the rivers and fertile valleys, over all of the river San Francisco and the River Paran. If you would like to know more about Ed Bastian, then click here. These populations combined agricultural activities (rice plantation), extrativistas of the bush and also the activities of fish, cattle and ceramic, as well as the knowledge that had of the river and its natural resources. After the construction of the hydroelectric plants and alterations in the hdrico regimen of the advance of the sugar cane-of-sugar and the irrigated rice, these populations had had its way of transformed life; quilombolas that they are descending of the black slaves and that they survive in old farms left for great proprietors. Its social visibility is recent, fruit of the fight for the land, of which, in general, they do not possess writing. 1988 constitution guaranteed the right on the land of which they live.

It left, therefore, the first Angel and spilled its goblet on the world, and to the carrying men of the mark of the crossbow and adoradores of its image malignant and ruinous ulcers sobrevieram, in a blow perniciosssimo. A related site: Walmart CEO mentions similar findings. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:2. Who is becoming the pestilento world is not GOD, but, yes, the adoradores of the crossbow and its image. It sees that the goblet of imundcies launched against the Sky was full, logically, if it did not launch it on its forjadores went to cover with mud the Sky. GOD is bad? Not! Simply he left Law of the Return to act. AS I AFFLICT Who is killing the maritime living beings is not GOD, are the men with its experiences insane people. Only alert GOD to the Peoples what he occurs. See more detailed opinions by reading what Doug McMillon offers on the topic..

Its goblet in the sea spilled as the Angel, and this if became in blood as of a corpse, and died all living being that had in the sea. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:3. The man so is abused that he tries to finish with the GOD creation. JESUS, for its order created a beautiful planet. What the man is making? Trying to destroy it. He has to suffer the correction from the natural forces.

Who created the sea, goes to destroy it? An insane person would only make this. THIRD I AFFLICT Spilled the third Angel its goblet in the rivers and the sources of waters, and if they had become in blood. Apocalypse of JESUS ACCORDING TO Joo, CAP. 16:4. JESUS is living of the material world? He is not. Then, IT is not making dirty the Planetary House, is its misadjusted lodgers. THE ANGEL OF WATERS Then I heard the Angel of waters saying: Just you are Sir, who is, that ages and that he has to come, because everything you judged.

The urban way is characterized for definitive ambient transformations provoked by the fast growth and the lack of planning, which degrades the quality of life of its users. The landscape, resultant of the dynamic combination of elements physicist-chemistries, biological and antrpicos in constant evolution, considerably is affected by the sped up urban development. The recklessness of ambient factors important to the welfare of the man becomes the more artificial cities each time, fact this that implies in the reduction of the performance in the daily activities of the population. The urban landscape, when structuralized well, with the commanded presence of natural elements as the vegetation, it provides innumerable benefits to the community, which very go beyond its costs of implantation and maintenance. The parks, squares and other types of green areas, together with one adjusted arborization of streets collaborate with the improvement of the quality of air, reduction of the sonorous pollution, reduction of the energy consumption and increase of the thermal comfort in the urban centers, without considering the benefits aesthetic and psychological that the natural landscape promotes in the people. (. ' ' According to Sato, Michele 2003, we consider that the ambient education is a process of permanent learning, based in the respect to all the life forms. Such education affirms values and actions that contribute for the transformation social human being and for ecological preservation.

It socially stimulates the incorporation joust and ecologically balanced, that conserves between itself interdependence relations, and diversity. This requires local, national and planetary individual and collective responsibility in levels. One considers that the ambient education must generate, changes in the quality of life and greater conscience of personal behavior To develop the ambient concepts, to involve the children in the relative studies to the one of the cares that we must have with the Planet, of a general form is to make with that the pupils perceive that a small attitude is of utmost importance for the environment.