How much joy Tula samovar brought people! Tula samovar penetrated all corners of Russia, so that there is Russia, Tula samovar beat popular even among the Eastern nations. Tula samovar annually become a real decoration fairs and exhibitions. Exhibitions have been different: the fair, which were held annually from July 15 to August 25, provincial, county and private. Exhibition industry: artistic, industrial, artistic, industrial, agricultural and specialty, which is usually arranged in different cities each year. As well as nation-wide, which took place about 10 years in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, and worldwide.

And from May 25 to June 10 from Tula samovar annually went to the Nizhniy Novgorod fair. Tula samovar crossed the river Oka, the river carried them on horseback. River road had a number of advantages: a much cheaper, and the samovar with this method of transportation is better preserved. When transporting samovars packed in special crates, boxes, a dozen items in each of various sizes and styles. Tula samovar sold Wholesalers weight: a dozen products cost 90 rubles, depending on the style and finish, and the weight of a dozen was about four hundredweight. But even then, merchants in every way ishitryalis in order to increase the weight of a samovar.

For example, the pitcher was inserted iron bars, filled with lead. The heavier the samovar, the more expensive it is. First place at the fairs, usually held in Tula samovar Batashevs, Lyalina, Belousova, Gudkov, Rudakov, Uvarov. Manufacturers, for the best provided materials at the exhibition received awards and medals. Many specimens were branded on the medals samovars to promote their products. The most common rewards were from agricultural exhibitions. Here, almost All products submitted for review, received awards, but awards at national and international exhibitions were given less frequently. To participate in national and international exhibitions require a lot of conditions: first, drew attention to the quality and extent of the samovar artistic execution. At national exhibitions and was the main condition is that the material of construction for the samovar, a Russian, workers must also were to be of Russian origin, also included a technical device factory and beauty of the building. The highest award at Russian exhibition is considered the national emblem, approved by the Ministry of Finance for best factory-made products. The first in Russia has received an award for Tula samovar Batashev heirs at National Exhibition of Nizhny Novgorod in 1896. Tula samovar repeatedly awarded medals at national and international exhibitions, it shows their great popularity both in this country and abroad.

Imagine an equation with two variables “X” and “Y” … Let the “Y” – is a function of the social role of each of us in our state … and the “X” – is our identity … The equations in this country of somewhere around 140 million … Q: What must be equal to “X”, according to the State? Answer: If “X” in the equation is the coefficient, it is desirable to turn the argument to zero immediately on the spot, and if the equation is constructed solely on the basis of subtraction and addition, it is unlikely to be allowed to Iksu more items …

well … so not really discredited the proper and planned result of Y … Official site: Interactive Advertising Bureau. since … And suddenly you Einstein, and then some of your individual quality can level the “X” and “Y”, and then only in very desperate situation … It turns out that all the same … and a function without arguments … just an argument does not affect the function … And if the power needs of our country in Our advice? Of course, I mean advice from individuals who are more units on their own …

without permission … I think it would be bad for the president to have a “help room” in solving national problems peculiar … referendum in his pocket … and spend money from the treasury is not necessary for the organization … All-formulated the question and immediately get a response from an interested audience … What kind of “yes”, “No,” “Solve it yourself” … organize the same this is a piece of cake … There were also implemented video surveillance at construction sites for fire victims … Straight to the Premier in the Kremlin … And there are only a … by means of the Internet to consult directly with the people … Absolutely nothing okay … then obviously there Craftsmen bungled President for a mobile gizmo … There is a President for that …? Analogues in the world … there is no need for this interest and involvement in the sovereign with our hand, I think, is obvious … Interested in a sovereign …? Allow anyone else to interfere in its affairs, Sovereign … Instant feedback … whether it is necessary …? For example: We were told that the Internet is conducted in all schools Russian Federation, then why have not all the students ask, “Do you need an exam,” and how it turns out, as in the song Vysotsky, “Well, what if I decided I’ll have something for sure .

Interesting structure of the golden spike. It every 2 – 3 seed wrapped flake inedible husk. This 'reservation', inherited from the ancestors of weeds, the best way to protect the grain from pests, from external contamination from moisture loss – almost all of the troubles. She defended this sort of attention of breeders, thus allowing to preserve its outstanding nutritional qualities. Organic grain producers developed special techniques to effectively clean the grain from the chaff and the mass at the same time does not affect the grain itself. Therefore, all the 'utility' spelled completely preserved in the collection and processing of crops. Get all the facts and insights with sports apparel, another great source of information. Spelled richer in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber than regular wheat. It contains specific soluble carbohydrates – mikopolisaharidy (mucopolysaccharides) – have the ability to strengthen the immune system.

Useful substances contained in the spelled, a high level of solubility, so they are easier and faster to assimilate. Gluten content in spelled nearly the same as in conventional wheat, if not more. But It differs in structure to its constituent amino acids, and therefore affects the human body other than wheat. Gluten spelled half of the cases do not cause allergies in people sensitive to this element in the wheat grain. Some scientists even claim that it, in contrast, helps fight celiac disease.

These features make the gluten flour spelled excellent product for baking bread useful. Products of the flour differ crisp, tight crumb and an indescribable aroma and taste. The dough rises by almost two times faster than the wheat, and it must take into account when preparing dough or baking bread products in electric bread machine.