Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax for the first time the the in the Veltins-arena in Gelsenkirchen at the July event of superlatives in 2011 Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax for the first time in the Veltins-arena in Gelsenkirchen at the July event of superlatives in 2011 big four tour 2011 brings Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax in July for a concert of superlatives to Gelsenkirchen. The 02.07.2011 brings the already almost historically to our major event four of the best and loudest heavy metal bands on a stage. For even more analysis, hear from olympics. The big four tour 2011 will provide the metal band in Germany in any case great anticipation. Because a long-cherished dream is to see all the bands together onstage for many. The Veltins-arena in Gelsenkirchen offers all conditions for this event, lasting several hours. Centrally located, it is good to reach out to there to hear the legends of the thrash metal and see for all rock fans and Metalheads. On the Internet page, fans can still cards all categories book quickly and securely.

A total of more than 50,000 live fans have Opportunity to experience the four bands in the several hours event in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Alone the Metallica concert should take more than two hours. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax will leave in 2011 do not take it that back in the 80s to put the German audience.

You have purchased Fono and ponder how to carry? Then keep in mind that this is a complex and serious work. In addition to a great workout, a loader must be able to work with the piano, because piano – a very vulnerable thing. Random strong ground and physical effects will cause huge losses piano. Transferring background you need to do on strong tethers. Clearly, the choice of the organization to move the piano, it makes sense to make sure that performers do not drink and know their stuff.

Porters who have to deal with easily vulnerable piano must be punctual and cautious about the work. Today, transportation background – not complexity, plus, you can personally choose the suitable for You price and high quality work. Required delivery Fono? Then, call the organizations providing similar services. Calling back, you'll need to give the exact address of the place where dwells background, and in addition, where his must carry. Dictate the number of floors, with which you will need to lower the piano and where, after the piano will need to carry. Valuable information is the absence / presence of the elevator to the load in your house. Such data are important value in our pricing for the service.

In addition, you will need to set a time most convenient for transportation tool. At the same time, remember that due to traffic jams on the highway can take place some deviation from the preset time. If you signed a contract with the organization to deliver – in this case, delivery of the piano will happen at the agreed time. With direct transport of phonons will be attached special cable that does not give him the opportunity to strike. Moreover, the remarkable weight-fixing is due to foam – so valuable item is absolutely secure. You continue to worry about transportation? You have the opportunity to insure the instrument. This service must be booked and paid in excess of transport. Fee for insurance is determined by the value of a musical instrument. Thinking about that immediately after the transfer tune the piano? Go to set up a qualified Adjuster (its phones tend to give firms engaged in transportation of musical instruments).

In our lives, everything is communication. And in general, all external communications that we maintain are a reflection of our communication with ourselves. Others who may share this opinion include gymnast. Do you mean this? Means that if not keep you attentive to your needs, if you do not hear you, if you’re not very aware of who you are, your communication tends to be distorted. Add to your understanding with gymnast. Remember that we communicate not only through what we say, but, mainly, through what we are. It is clear to see it with children, they learn by example. No matter what tell them, they tend to imitate your behavior. I invite you to begin to observe: what do you say internally in general? It begins to be more conscious of that dialogue and towards statements that support you to create what you want. Criticize you, devaluing you, criticize you or blame you, rarely gets happy results. Olympics understands that this is vital information.

It seeks to communicate with you as if you were your best friend. That will be by your side even when you make the worst mistake, to help you get ahead and despite all having a good time. How would it be if you could treat you that way? Practice also give you some moments of silence a day. Many times we live so accelerated, hurry and focused on the external, that we have no time to listen to ourselves. We are not aware of our body, our mind and our emotions. He begins to hear what messages you have reserved. And how that can support you in making decisions. All the wisdom and clarity you need resides within you.

But you need to be attentive to it. You can hardly hear someone more when you don’t even know how it is to listen to you. Now, go for this reason also, how to communicate with others? Here are some good clues to communicate effectively: understands.

Legally download music, you can’t? Yet! Newcomer without GEMA (Verwetungsgesellschaft) provide this service. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has much experience in this field. Electronic music is full of energy, she electrifies, vibrates and pulsates, it reflects our world in the diversity of their sound space. From soft to hard, from slow to fast, everything is available – in this genre and we offer it to you and invite to this site you, our guest to be in the worlds of sound far from mainstream and mass production, away from the charts, one-hit-wonders and monotony. You love electronic music? You want to dive into sounds, whose powerful corrugated carry you? You want to wear your inner chaos outwards by becoming one with the music on the dance floor? You yourself cozy it like a lounge and forget the everyday life while listening to Chillout Tracks? Then you are exactly right with us! MP3THT records is a label of passion and love for electronic music. Trance, House, techno, and Chillout Tracks, to their beats you can dance and unwind, belong to our repertoire. It is not about, together with the usual mainstream and the other labels to publish mass production, we have committed electronic music out of conviction. Our label friends opened an own little microcosm full sound and power, whose visiting allows a journey of discovery into new musical worlds. For you is one of quality instead of quantity? For us too! Our platform will allow you to find a variety of electronic music, which you can listen to, rate, and download in MP3 format.

Beyond mainstream and mass production we want to provide a way here to immerse yourself in a hand-picked world of electronic sound. In contrast to other labels, we specialise in, not with the power, but against him to swim, surrounded by atmospheric sounds. We offer the wide range of electronic music, which forms its own small world in itself; a playground of sounds, which opens in all directions. When you join not the selection of the various find, so we can offer you but the selection of unique. “More” is not with us to the extent justified, but in the added value of the narrowing. You can hear not only electronic music, you’re also musicians and have submitted already their own songs? Your lifeblood is in the electrifying sounds and you want to present your work to a large audience, do not like? Then welcome on MP3THT records! Our platform offers you the opportunity to publish your own songs and to present, if it is to assign a genre of electronic music. Our page can be the network for you, with which you can contact to other artists and maintain, while your musical works can be made available to an international audience.

Fine opening act: Janet Robin, highly acclaimed singer-songwriter from the United States (thk) to six special concerts that are interesting not only for fans of Ultravox Midge loads Ure in January 2010. Three months before the German dates of the comeback tour of this legendary new-wave / new romantic band presents their frontman (vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboards) the electronic-pop Chartbreaker dancing with tears composed by him with in my eyes”or Vienna” in the original version as it had been originally written are pure acoustic! “” Ures twice 45 minute long performances are supplemented by songs from his solo career (“hits: If I was” “, breathe”), rarely played Ultravox songs and interpretations of him influential foreign compositions such as no regrets “(the Walker brothers) or Lady Stardust” (David Bowie) a choice he was 2008 for the CD 10 “(hypertension music/Soulfood) on. The shows of the native Scots, who is regarded as an excellent entertainer and for his live performances several times has been awarded is, Janet RobinQ opened. The US singer and top guitarist, who was a member of the band of Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), puts their CD everything has changed”(release date: 15.1.2010) in concert before. The tickets cost 20 to 25 (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices. Reprint free of charge; “Midge Ure-the voice of Ultravox of plays hits, covers & rarities” 2010 special guest: Janet Robin 19.1 Hamburg factory 20.1 Bochum, Zeche 21.1 Schwerin, memory 23.1 Melle, Honerkamps Ballroom 24.1. Ludwigsburg, Scala 25.1 Mannheim, Capitol inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 cards from 20.

Duisburg Hip-Hop band released their long-awaited new record. On November 17, 2009, the band the bandwidth PolitPop released their new CD. On the EP forced vaccine the latest songs of Duisburg hip can be found. That assumes once again not to mince words for their political lyrics and Groovy beats well-known group, also recorded their latest. The 5-track EP, topics such as the dangers of cell phone radiation (“Handyphob”), (“fear of Lisbon”) the Lisbon reform Treaty, or suffering in Palestine (“Palestine – paradise in the Mediterranean”) are addressed. The media are as well made the subject of musical criticism, (“mirror, mirror”) as the ideology, which has led to the current financial market crisis (“global Casino”) according to Wojna and DJ Torben. Short clarification in 20 min for everyone.

The CD was released by noise of records and marketed in equity sales. Since November 17, 2009, compulsory vaccination is in the online-shop of the band under and some selected Music shop at the price of 11 euros. Dealer or press inquiries please contact: noise of records Inn Road 85 46149 Oberhausen Tel: 0208 88422433 noise source bandwidth: the bandwidth is a political pop band from Duisburg. The singer-songwriter Wojna and the sound-tinkerer DJ Torben show entertaining way that even severely policy verdrossene people can be achieved with music and poetry. The bandwidth in true-blue Ruhr pot dialect what sounds like gibberish out politicians mouths, represents mercilessly honest and understandable. By your, partly controversially discussed, songs, and her dedication to the truth movement, the band made himself a name as one of the few German hip-hop group in recent years, which political or social themes into modern pop songs. For more information about the band, see

Eastern Germany oldest Skate Cup boasts new contest system on 30 August has come. The now 15 Little Sista Skate Cup will take place in the conne Iceland in Leipzig. BACS this actively supported the Organizer urban souls e.V. in the Organization and implementation of the oldest East Skate Cup. Table tennis, table football, crickets, a flea market and another spectacle includes the program, lots of Skate-action, in addition to open air. The registration takes place on site from 10: 00. The start is in the groups of KIDS, B (ungesponsert as of 16 years), and A (sponsored riders).

Start is at 12 noon. The special feature of this year’s Skate Cup is a new contest system! In addition, the little Sista chillout session takes place on the August 31, where 14: 00 meeting point at the FYT Skate Shop and various street spots, including one never driven, new discovered spot, belong to the action. For more information on the following sites & for more background information, contacts with athletes for possible Interviews, portraits, or photo galleries I’m like them available. Bacs sincerely Sven Bielig marketing / PR

On July 7, the third season of “Californication” at paramount appears home entertainment on DVD Hamburg, 15.06.2011 / INPROMO / / Hank Moody (David Duchovny), attractive bestselling author with a pronounced taste for beautiful women, is back! And Hank would not Hank, he not found himself back in the shortest time in precarious situations. At the beginning of the long-awaited third season of ‘Californication’ Hanks ex-wife is Karen (Natascha McElhone) back to New York without their daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin). Their education is whether Hank, which is anything but easy to deal with his role as a full-time father. Becca is the authority of her father to be in question and rather focuses on her new best friend Chelsea (Ellen Davis Woglom), who loves three things: sex, drugs and trouble. Marc Lore understood the implications. Hanks responsibility will be further put to the test in the course of the season 3, because the writer is now working as a Professor of literature at the University. Here, he makes not just friends: A his students, the gay Chris “Balt” Smith (Ed Westwick, known from “Gossip Girl”), takes Hanks criticism to heart, so that he wants to commit suicide.

But the work at the University brings pleasant pages for Hank Fortunately, finally, there are many pretty students on campus… Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has much to offer in this field. Season 3 of the hit satire series appears on 7 July including bonus material at paramount home entertainment on DVD. The singer and actor Rick Springfield, Kathleen Turner (“friends”), Peter Gallagher (“American beauty”) and Peter Fonda (cameo as himself) appear as guest stars. A special treat for all fans: The novel “God hates US all” by Hank Moody, which is available at the Heyne Verlag on German. An exclusive excerpt from the book is included on the DVD of the third season of “Californication”. THE a collective Affairs… …die other stars. According to the motto “collect TV series! Star shopping!

Linda Feller – successful combination of country, pop & pop and as clever as true text. 28 Years ago, the unique career of a singer, which since then is no longer indispensable from the German Countryszene. Under the leadership of Hartmut Schulze – Gerlach, Linda Feller 1984 produced their first title. With her song “First love”, she appeared for the first time as a guest of the television show “Springboard” into the limelight. As “DA CAPO winner” this show she managed that to convince the audience of her distinctive voice and to set the groundwork for their musical career. With the inclusion of the track “AppleJack” in 1985, she had her biggest hit and her rising popularity as a County singer was hereby guaranteed. It was followed by more TV appearances, the success track “Tears you betrayed” and with the invitation as a guest star in the country – Festival in Kloten/Switzerland 1988, her international breakthrough. Their successful combination of country, pop & pop, as clever as real text, or you unmistakable sound, you guarantee not only a broad and loyal audience, but let them look back to a music library from a total of 35 CDs.

The first singer she was allowed to accept 1992 awarded the prize “Singer of the year”, by the “German American Federation of Country music” (GACMF). She received this award in the year 2000 to the second, in 2001 to the third, in 2002 to the fourth quarter and in 2004 for the fifth time. In the years 2005 and 2006 two more GACMF most successful singer followed prices”(determined by media control). Her greatest success ever was the personal invitation from the “mother church of country music”, the “GRAND ole Opry” in Nashville, Tennessee. She combined with her almost legendary appearance their TV broadcast “COUNTRY heart – once Nashville & back”, which was produced in Nashville, Tennessee, and Linda’s fans thus offered insight into the American country music.

The success of this show was the “GACMF” is not so sensational that it came today 33 times to broadcasting and, as until now unique highlight, is escaped. This Federation honored Linda “Most successful COUNTRYSENDUNG” in 1999 with the price. This event cast its shadow ahead and Linda produced a second TV show “when uBERAUPT…”. With guests such as: “TRUCK STOP” or also BURKHARD BROZART presented German country music at its finest. The Petite woman, who joins as a real bundle of energy, not just American country music skillfully with sophisticated entertainment music at numerous festivals, but convinced on their so far 8 own tours of their own interpretation of their German songs in the Countryfeeling, her audience again and again to the new. With their record, Palm records”, she is currently working on her new album, which will be released in 2013. In any case, Linda is versatile, refreshing and stimulating, entertaining and high quality in their concerts, and one man has her Shh no longer want to miss. All successes on the stage of this world Linda is always one remained – a natural woman, full of zest for life and free from any Star. And who She once at a live concert has experienced, understands the enthusiasm that it throws everywhere.

From the MSU Museum Chocolate Party Benefit, to a Dinosaur Dash, Mask Making Workshop and everything in between, there really is a sense of spirit for those privileged enough to study at Michigan State.  Enjoy the Great Lakes Folks Festival in the summer of 2011 for an enhanced enjoyment of music, dance and culture.  Check out one of the college’s exhibitions.  There is truly something for everyone, spanning all tastes, from Great Dance to Michigan and the Civil War or the Festive Lens: Photos from the 2010 Great Lakes Folk Festival.  Long term exhibitions include: the Hall of Animal Diversity, Hall of Evolution and the Hall of World Cultures.

If sports and athletics are your thing, the Spirit of Michigan State has it all.  Named as “best school” by Seth Davis, writer from Sports Illustrated, Michigan State boasts an impressive men’s basketball team (that has gotten to the Final Four six times in twelve years) and a superb Spartan Stadium.  It is the athletes at Michigan State that have shown time and again just how great their talents and dedicated teamwork are, putting them up there right at the top.  This is a great place for those with a passion or talent – or both – for sports.