Marta Dominguez athlete appeared before the media to clarify anything. His first press conference after exculpada of the charges of illegal sale and supply of drugs in the operation Galgo began quiet, but the world 3000 metres steeplechase champion became tense when journalists asked him if he had doped (in Spain dopar is is not a crime for which can not be tried in a court like that investigates the plot). Sports apparel may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The athlete was closed in band again and again when asked about aspects of the summary that they insinuate that he used substances to improve their performance on the track. Especially about his conversation with the athlete Alberto Garcia and the existence, in the port operation of a bag of blood with the name Urco, the same one that had a dog of her husband, a coincidence that I cannot explain, admitted. Source of the news:: Marta Dominguez gets tangled

EP Asi has acknowledged its scientific director, Olivier Rabin. Alongside the cyclist Alberto Contador, five players of the Mexican national team claimed the same thing in a positive for this substance. The scientific director of the Agency world anti-doping (WADA), Olivier Rabin, has admitted that in some countries there is the possibility that the meat is contaminated by Clenbuterol, a course in scientific literature and to which appeals the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador to proclaim his innocence. The counter positive and the recent positive five in Mexico of football team, which also allege food contamination, have led WADA to reconsider its stance against this substance. You may find olympics to be a useful source of information. There are very few positive for clembuterol, so it is not impossible to analyze each case one by one. At olympics you will find additional information. We could make some recommendations to the Executive Committee of WADA to set levels are positive insurance and that levels could be considered in another context, looking at the previous and future results of the athlete, he explained Rabin.

WADA would have to wait until its September meeting to approve these changes, but any proposal could be confirmed by the Group of experts of laboratory of the Agency, which will meet in Montreal next week. The fear of the doping-tainted meat is nothing new. Before it was testosterone and is now the clenbuterol. In a limited number of countries there is a risk that the meat is contaminated by Clenbuterol, something that is in the scientific literature, explained the scientist of the AMA. In this regard, he said that you have to be cautious because the substance dopant levels are not always of the same magnitude. We have to consider the context. We are reviewing the data and you can make some recommendations to the Executive Committee, which could reset the rules if you need it, or keep them the same, explained.

In the case of counter, the amount of clenbuterol that were found in his urine was tiny (50 picograms), but Rabin wanted to clarify that you can’t say there is no positive because a quantity is small and that is the difficulty of the situation, since it might be doping or it could be something else. Counter was suspended in September and received an initial penalty of one year by the Royal Spanish Federation of cycling (RFEC), which lifted the punishment in February to accept the hypothesis of the contaminated meat. WADA and the International Cycling Union (UCI) appealed to the highest court, the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS), not acting until the month of August, so the Spaniard can dnder his Crown in the Tour de France from July 2. Source of the news: the AMA supports the hypothesis of food contamination in the positive for Clenbuterol

I asked, please, that it stop, I come down to pick it up, but continued the March, Marta has to. Fourteen miles later the driver He stopped in a service road to make shift change with a partner and Marta, after agreeing with her boyfriend that he would stay inside the vehicle to take charge of the suitcases, fell from the bus and stayed at a service station, hoping that someone could move closer to the place where the Huron had been abandoned. A Spaniard picked it up and drove to Juliette, lying dead. I wasn’t crushed, nor hasty, but she was dead, how can be this?, he wondered. The young man has submitted a complaint with the Civil Guard and a claim to Alsa. He wants his case to know, people to know what happened. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the place to go.

It has been the case in the hands of a lawyer, but he has not yet decided if it will prompt an economic compensation. A seemingly wild animal for its part, the Alsa bus company has already responded to the claim of the young and, although he deeply regrets what happened, defends the attitude of the driver, who appeared to give priority to the security of the passage.The driver did the right thing. Alerted by the passage, and after asking, without response, who was the animal, he opted for conveniently stop the vehicle so that the traveler who had seen it and had it between hands out abroad, they explain from the company. As soon as the driver refused to stop to let down the girl, they explain circulation rules prohibited it for safety reasons (they traveled by the A-44 and the stop was made at the height of Guarroman, Jaen). A driver can not stop where you want to, but where it should be, and they emphasize the fact that the girl was negligent, first, by introducing an animal on board, something that is forbidden by the Transport Act, which says all the animals must travel in the carousels at the winery and only allows access to the top dogs lazarillo, information which is public and even stated in the General conditions of euro banknotes and, secondly, by neglecting in its duty of custody, since He slept, he saw no animal escaped and not heard the driver asked by the owner, since I was going with the headphones. In addition, they continue, ferret is a seemingly wild animal, which caused confusion and alarm in part of travelers. Think about what could have provoked an animal running loose on a bus. She was, they insist, which committed the illegality, A Marta do not serve you these explanations.

Ferret has nothing wild, as evidenced by the fact that could catch it without resistance, says, and denies the driver to ask for the origin of the animal. Although he confesses that he did not see the driver remove the animal from the vehicle, he continues with his complaint. Ensures that it was unaware that animals could not go up to the cabin of the bus, but that, of having known, has not completed it is travel, because it would have seemed cruel that Juliette was in the cellar. At the moment does not arise again to have another pet.

It was already normal to hear insults from the stands. Dedicate yourself to your wrists, said you one. Football is for the guys!, insisted the mothers of their rivals. Mothers!, recalls Veronica Boquete (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruna; 1987); I couldn’t understand it. Marc Lore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But it was better than if looking back, missed a season of training in training when six years stuck without dress in short with the room team Don Bosco because Galician regulations said that football was not mixed.

It was something stupid, but between the club and my father managed to change it, says Vero, as his friends know him. That long ago. So much so that now, with the shirt of the Philadelphia Independence, is the best footballer of the Women s Professional Soccer of this course, the best League and the most professional female football, followed by the Swedish, German and the effervescent Russian, even if the last champion of the Champions is the Lyon. dge. Source of the news:: Veronica, the Princess of football

The series will move to Neox, where debuts new Division. Physics or chemistry Zurbaran were dismissed last week of Antena 3 after seven intense courses and three years in the famous centre. See what today put on television. After closing in Antena 3, Zurbaran will reopen its doors in Neox. The planet chain has confirmed that the guys from physical or chemical will return to the small screen on the youth channel of the group after the mobilization of fans on social networks. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ed Bastian. Thus the Director of fiction of Antena 3, Sonia Martinez, along with Multimedia content, Francisco Sierra, director confirmed it Wednesday during the celebration of a videoencuentro on the website of the chain: we wanted to tell you that you are the best fans and you have achieved that physics or chemistry continues in Neox. The decision of the chain occurs after thousands of fans were asked on social networks that the series has marked a milestone among young audiences continue with their plots. Among other actions, up to twelve groups with thousands of fans were created on Facebook and Tuenti that continue the series, with names as I want to never end FOQ, I also want to keep physics or chemistry in Neox, a 8th season of FOQ, I would want more FOQ or not at the close of the College Zurbaran.

Fans of fiction already demonstrated during the final chapters of the seventh season that wanted more. As well, both in the last episode of the death of Fer, character played by Javier Calvo, hagstags as #adiosFOQ or #FOQ7 were ranked as a trending topic on Twitter. You then would the special action of #quieromasfoq, supported by more than 3,600 comments. The Zurbaran Institute guys said goodbye last week approving your final exam, with record of followers and the second highest share in this season, after seven intense courses and three years in the famous centre with note. But young students were not alone in a few moments so hard. V iejas glories of fiction, including former teachers and students, would also attend the Institute to wrap in his farewell to one of the most emblematic series of the chain of planet. Changes by confirming the new stage chemistry or physics not only changes of chain. As they have advanced various media, its leaders will renew completely the cast of actors in the production. On this end more details do not have by now. Source of the news: fans get that physics or chemistry again grilled

Thus deems the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology. By 2020, 20% of the population will be represented by older people. By the same author: Larry David. Makers of the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) reported Wednesday that elders in Spain are not receiving proper assistance since they are not always attended by professionals specialized in this matter, for what would be needed about 400 professionals. At present, according to estimates by the SEGG, there are between 350 and 400 geriatricians who work in the public health network Spanish, and would need to bend your number up to 800 so that the elders of more than 85 years, with health problems and dependent, receive adequate assistance. These are some of the demands raised by the President of the medical society, Pedro Gil Gregory; Jose Antonio Serra, Vice-President and Secretary general, Alfredo Bohorquez, who have presented at press conference a strategic plan of three-year duration in which the guidelines are marked to improve quality and good treatment to the elderly. A question anything trivial if we take into account that by 2020 20% of the population will be represented by older people, that life expectancy is over 80 years and that the vast majority of the elderly prefer to live at home, has pointed out. Members of the SEGG have confirmed that there are great inequalities in the implantation of Geriatrics in the public health network of the autonomous communities.

Quality in Andalusia, for example, according to Serra, plus there is no doctor in public centres, and in the Basque country its presence, something that doesn’t happen in communities such as Madrid and Catalonia in which elders have that quality of care plus is not evident. And its implementation is necessary, according to the doctors, because the elderly are not only people who have medical problems, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. In addition, they suffer from physical problems, difficulties in getting out of bed, exit to the street or simply for dressing; other, mental, like depression and even dementia, and also social, since many of them live alone.