Word that contains only three letters. But at the same time and of a imensurvel largeness in its he integrates Father friend protective Father accompanying Father Father who we teach That he protects in them That assists in them. If you are not convinced, visit Rafael Nadal. It does not import if we are small or adult we are its only small ones perpetual. Love of indestructible untiring immense father and Father so small word more than an immense one meant. Father is love Understanding Protection Support Assists and love above all Father simply and total donation to its son. Father is what we support when pain reaches in them.

That we stimulate when we have fear. That we of the forces to follow That to smile when we smile and mainly it cries for us when we cry. Father this inigualvel force to protect its Father only father, simple austere powerful and above all example. When pronouncing the word father we feel what it represents support, love, I assist understanding, pardon Then father means LOVE above all. Father great so small word more than meant and importance to all in. Father this image irrefutable we. Father this marcante presence in us.

Presence that, teaches that exemplifica that it assists that Supports that protects of everything what to the life we offer donating in its totality and donation. Father is support Father is assists Father is love Father above all means existence. God our father. Father benefited here in the land giving to us this called being to us. That she will be our guide in our moral evolution and spiritual. To it we pronounce the word father we can all feel the love that it represents all the peace, harmony, support, balance, comfort, security. My dear brothers God our perpetual father we sent this being to represent it here in this plain land. So that we could learn and feel what it is the love. To understand that to love it is above all to teach. That to assist it means to teach to the certain the wrong one. That to love it is above all not to fix the errors of the children but to make understands them who all action has a reaction and that exactly loving they will have them that to answer for its acts. Thus he is God. The parents do not punish they teach. Thus he is God. It will be today and always. Father is understanding, tolerance, support, pardon, assists, hope, virtue. Father this so small word more than great workmanships. Therefore father is and he will always be our master here in the land assisting loving us us in protecting. Father this marcante presence in our lives this example of love and unfastening that in the guide and instructs that he fortifies in them that guides in them and he teaches to the certain the wrong father this untiring man who does not give up ahead pain and the desperation. Father who never gives up its son. That he never loses the hope That always has a word of comfort and I assist. That the peace of the loved and kind father, is always with us.

A time, having received the call from God for Its Workmanship, only fits, to have the attitude of who says: ' ' Here it is me here, Gentleman! It sends me it me! ' ' , and to search to be prepared, in order to be apt stops to exert the ministry that of God has received. Made this, in the time of God, It has to fulfill what Itself it considered to make by means of that called for Its Workmanship. It is of if to stand out, that to respect the time of God, brings as it rewards, the necessary certainty in way to the many fights that will come in elapsing of the ministry. Only understanding this truth, he will be ready to be blessing in the life of those which to come to give. Learn more on the subject from CVS. I APPEAL: I wanted to call the attention the seminaristas brothers, for the necessity of a reflection concerning what he was spoken here. It is very good for having a great church, repleta of people, BUT, better of what this, is to have the certainty of that did not lose the vision that of God received. I would like that we closed our eyes in conjunct and, I analyzed if the characteristics presented here have been evidenced in our hearts. E, that at this moment, the God is asking for who in gives to all these characteristics to them, that are basic in the life of that they had truily been calls for the ministerial workmanship. AMEN!

Now, therefore, I, Nabucodonossor, praise, exalo and glorify the King of the sky, because all its workmanships are true, and its ways, right, and he can humiliate to that walk in soberba.' ' (Dn 4:33 – 34, 37) With this we more finish our analysis on the peoples blessed by God and, leaving of this knowledge, we go to discover maken a mistake quo is interpretation Biblical that great the scholars make on the origin of the Satan, maquiando it as having been an Angel of God. 4? The PRESUMPTIONS BEDDINGS FOR the ORIGIN DE the SATAN As already were said, at the beginning of this quarrel, the presumptions beddings to support the theory of that the Satan were an angel, Lucifer call, are found in three Biblical books, which we go to analyze now: 4.1? EZEQUIEL, CHAPTER 28 AND THE 17 VERSES OF 13 ' ' You were in the den, garden of God; of all the precious rocks you covered yourself: the srdio, the topaz, the diamond, the beryl, nix, the jasper, the sapphire, carbnculo and the emerald; of gold if you they had made engastes and the ornaments; in the day where you were servant, they had been prepared they. You were querubim of the ungido guard, I established and you; you remained in the mount saint of God, in the brightness of the rocks you walked. Perfect ages in your ways, since the day where you were created until iniquity in you was found. In the multiplication of your commerce, if it fulled your interior of violence, you sinned; for I launched what you, profaned, it are of the mount saint of God I will make and you to perish, querubim of the guard, in way to the brightness them rocks. Your heart because of your formosura was raised, corrupted your wisdom because of your brilliance; I launched you for land, ahead I put you to Dos Reis, so that you contemplem.' ' One gives credit that this stretch is on the origin of the Satan because if it can find forts evidences, as the ones that are detached in boldface in the text.

However, far from moving away to me, these episodes had finished for me to more take each time in the direction of a search that at the beginning not yet had much sustentation, but, that to few, came being supported for the study and have me disponibilizado each time more for it interchange medinico. Then, I believe that after some time already I can more than perceive that I come conquering through certain lives deeply, a little security in the chore with the deixarred a carne friends who walk with me. This lives deeply that it can be identified through a frequency that we start for establishing had finished for shape a firmer and respectful approach with these very next friends, separate only for the condition of deixarred a carne. I also perceive that many other factors have helped me sufficiently and finish for favoring an exchange balanced and a more consistent work. One of them, already cited in other chances is the preliminary preparation for the work properly said. Frank Ntilikina has firm opinions on the matter. However, I want to stand out that this necessary preparation to keep how much difficult a so important component. Marc Lore is the source for more interesting facts.

Beyond a physical side? with the feeding, sex, alcoholic beverage and tobacco, these you finish total excluded, you have a side of basic importance to which I come dedicating itself systematically: it is the mental preparation, to which still meeting some difficulty and with which I come exercising with the aid of some techniques of well simple relaxation and that they help me to calm the mind and the thoughts. One another sufficiently important question says respect to the place where me disponibilizo for this work of exchange. For my agreement, the ideal place is the Esprita House. Without a doubt, this is a sufficiently clear question for me and of which start to tell my particular experience now. First, I am not speaking of any house.