Teaching Mathematics

Starting off of the fact that to many children, becomes difficult to understand the mathematical ones to them and knowing this, it is to have of us the parents or companions, to create the understanding mechanisms so that they can successful assimilate the education distributed with respect to this matter. First that we must consider it is that: 1) The mathematical ones of in case, they are watched as an abstract matter young y S.A. also we explained it this way, doubtless we will be little successful. 2) The present education this changing and every time we must be but creative to be able to him to arrive at the mind of the present boy. The boy of now is not same, who the boy of 20 years ago. 3) In many countries he is used methods, that come from countries like Japan, this good, but it is necessary to consider that our form to think is different from the Japaneses. as he must teach then mathematical to our children? First that we must do he is to know clearly the universe of study of the boy, as far as the subjects that were called on to him to confront during their childhood, without concerning the country where it is, these subjects are: Sum.

Subtraction. Multiplication. Division. Fractional. Considering east panorama, you must consider that: 1) The subtraction is not but that one adds.

2) The multiplication also is a sum. 3) The division is the one inverse one of the multiplication. 4) A fractional one is a division, expressed of the form a/b. that notes in all this? Simply that there is a relation between a subject and another one. Click Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for additional related pages. We must know it clearly to this, so that we have a global vision than we are going to teach to him to the boy and as we are going away it to teach. that error is committed? the error that is committed, is that an independent subject of another one is taught. for example, when to the boy the multiplication is explained to him, not him standard that this is not but that one adds. we see: 5×4=20 is not but that 5+5+5+5=20 Then. Because to the boy who already knows to add, one becomes difficult to multiply? Simply, because from the beginning it is taught to him all mechanically and it is made him repeat a table to multiply, time and time again, but the origin of the multiplication is not taught to him. When you it teaches the origin of something, this establishing the bases for a good understanding. this I make sure it. That I must do from now on? Simply, it retakes the way and it begins to put the boy to think and the best way is explaining the origin of the things and the relation to him of a subject with another one.