The Evil Of The Century: Tips Back Pain Or Injury And Muscle-Skeletal Medicine

1 – Effect In 1996 the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working interviewed a representative sample of 1000 workers of the working population of each Member State of the European Union survey revealed the following: – Problems health related to work most frequently cited are: – Back pain (30% of workers) – Stress (28% of the workforce) – muscle pains in arms and legs (17% of workers) – The work in low-designed favors that 45% of workers adopt awkward working postures. – Work is becoming more intense and the pace is accelerating. – 37% of workers carry out short, repetitive tasks. – The computer has become an important place in the workplace, 38% of workers it serves. For even more analysis, hear from Kelly Asbury. – Only 32% of employees say they have followed a training course offered by your company during the twelve months preceding 1.2-Why Discarding occurs most complex cases as inflammatory type of cancer and other diseases and direct trauma caused an acute injury, the muscle-skeletal injuries are due to progressive overload of various anatomical structures that react with pain to it. Indicated in a very brief number of parameters, which each separately can be a risk factor which may cause compensation of muscular-skeletal injuries.

– The organization: if the work is not well organized (shifts, hours) may be the cause of increased physical and mental fatigue of the worker with a higher stress state of the same. – The person, prior technical, individual characteristics such as excessive overweight, previous muscular-skeletal disorders and activities outside work (household work) and use of leisure time (sedentary, physical activity and sports disproportionate). – The task or work: this is one of the most important aspects to be considered as a risk factor for work, especially if force must develop a strong, dangerous positions and prolonged repetition of the gestures of the worker. – The team: as a table, chairs, miscellaneous tools and utensils, must be adapted to the anthropometric characteristics of the worker. Additional information at Ian Cole supports this article. It must also provide adequate support for handling charges when necessary.

– The environment: both physical (heat, temperature, noise) and psychic (relationships with peers, superiors). – The time: the one necessary for the completion of various work tasks. 3 – How to prevent According to the above, the prevention of Back Pain and Tips will be aimed at the reduction to the extent possible risk factors analyzed. From a practical standpoint, we recommend the training through a school program designed to muscular-skeletal risk self-assessment with the relevant skills for their prevention. LINK:.