Agreement. A music comes me the head: It sleeps now, is alone the wind it are there, I want col I go to run away from house I am with fear I had a nightmare Urban legion. One comes back in the time, to speak on some events, in the gymnasium and speech on mine technician. It is demanding, charges, but he does not inhale, he does not leave opening to demonstrate that we can make more, and to think on the development of our process of training, by the way, of my process of training, therefore, he is each one for itself, mine here technician he does not interact with particular relationships, he only fulfills a program, it is not a leader I legalize, but he works with will, stimulates until the point where in the vision of it we can relieve, it never knows that always we can more, depending on as we are motivated. It was training it said: – I want to show a thing to it. It knows what it answered? – It does not waste energy silences the mouth. But exactly thus I tried to carry through the turn, I did not obtain and mine technician? It said: – Nobody in the planet is capable to make what this trying to make.

When the accident wanted to return the team after, will more say of the accident the front, mine technician vetoed my return had that to have force and to fight with more tenacity and will. Olympics has many thoughts on the issue. I can definiz it as: Skeptic, impersonal, coward. What it surprised me more was the form as abandoned it me, it was a shock and a surprise for me, trusted it and believed it, at last, was plus a reason to gain force. I go to continue with history, or better, histories. Histories that if had passed in little time, were feeling me different, dreamed of diverse things that never had lived, people, places, had fear and felt an emptiness same with that it had.