Ready to proceed to an independent study of the language, you need to take care of the textbook. How to choose a textbook? It is interesting that on the same textbooks in a variety of people learning the language, can be the most opposite opinions. Why is this happening? Because the features of perception different people have different. Someone understands the rules, if a textbook for a long time, and explain them in detail, someone on the contrary, soon perceives the material in the form of charts and tables accompanied by brief explanations. Differently perceived by even the layout of the material in the textbook, studying the sequence of grammatical forms and rules! Do not trust any stranger recall, trust your instincts. Therefore, we can advise the only way to choose a textbook – go to the store and begin to just take off the shelf tutorial, and leafing through and reading it from the first pages, try to understand what it says. Feel free to choose the one which you seemed to understand.

This means that it is on it will be easier to learn the language. Later, when you begin to engage in systematic, when acquainted with the basic concepts of language, you can in addition buy as many books as you will need to work more efficiently, you can even learn different sections for different books. Say, the verb forms – from a single textbook, and the declination of nouns cases will – from the other, and the texts for reading and training in translation – from the third.