Do not be angry, try to restore its position as a way called 'linear serifs', ie postponement mentioned in your scheme of distances from the neighboring, already proven you pegs or a clearly readable corners of the fence. Perhaps you'll discover the disappearance of a very large part pegs or old fence is so dilapidated, that was quite unlike her image in the scheme. Dignoz clear, and the recipe is only one – to call for help surveyors or land surveyors. Where to start? Would be unethical, if you dedicate their plans for your neighbors. Quite possibly, they have long been suspicious of watching your experiment with a tape measure and paper, and more useless to keep them in suspense. Invite them to walk along the common border, show your documents, look in their paper – quite possibly find another pair of control points from which you can restore anything from lost. Perhaps the negotiate with them to co-finance events, ranging from payment of Surveyors and until the equity in the construction of your total intake. It is also possible that for some items you do not agree, and there will be conflict, but good news is that all the participating parties will clearly understand its essence. How to find Surveyors? In order not to run into a charlatan or a sad sack, please contact your local architecture or land – you will be offered a list of organizations or businesses that have the appropriate license and proven earlier work.