The Sun In The Egyptian Tarot

The Sun Tarot symbolizes many things, depending on how you look at it. For primitive man Sun is the generator of light and life, and was one of the common denominators of all polytheistic religions of the world. After the darkness of the night, the clarity of the Sun is welcome, as it is the moment in which we will distinguish accurately the good from evil, ending with confusion. The Sun evidence of peace after the storm, nothing more welcome than the first rays of Sun once the hurricane has struck the coast. The Sun is constant, always comes out and is hidden by the same cardinal points, no matter what the conditions and circumstances of the outside world. The Sun marks time, and provides a reference point for mortals. The Sun’s energy is not as explosive as the Tower, but not why it is less potent.

It is not a blinding flash of power, but nor is it a slight sheen. In short, the Sun is moderation. It is a positive Arcanum that is welcome in the Chuck, because leads us to the origin of life. The illustration of this Arcanum is extremely complex. In foreground have a child riding a white horse and carrying a red flag in his hand. Some sunflowers are seen behind the child and at the bottom is the omnipresent Sun. Sunflowers don’t look at the Sun, they are oriented towards the figure of the boy on the horse.

The child is the new bearer of power in the material world. But no power comes from nothing, as it is given by a superior being, the Sun, gazing with satisfaction from the sky. We cannot imagine that the State of war has ended, and that the figure that emerges triumphant, that of a child, indicates that everything is to be done, that has started a new and fruitful stage. It is necessary, then, be aimed at the reconstruction with the innocence of the child, which does not have any preconception, but it is all energy, joy and happiness. Sometimes this Arcanum revealed on tarot Chuck announces the arrival of a child to the family, an economic success, or a step forward in the race. Marks the end of a cycle of darkness, and predisposes us to receive the blessing of divine heat with the innocence and the desire to learn of a creature. Original author and source of the article