In principle, there is nothing except maybe the Love to real”natural materials against vinyl Designboden. And even the use of Gerflor INSIGHT protects flooring against the felling of precious woods. Our favorites are the rustic INSIGHT Michigan (0461) with the wood decors and the urban Amador (0447). Gerflor INSIGHT you get free shipping on the Internet portal suche.html… or your floor outfitter or floor laying on the ground. INSIGHT Gerflor PVC flooring design new vinyl flooring the new line of INSIGHT Gerflor is based on the current development of the design vinyl flooring (PVC surface design). In addition to a high utilization class are a wide range of designs and a low price the most important purchase criteria for the customer. Gerflor offers in its new PVC floor covering with a line INSIGHT 30 wooden designs, 11 so-called urban designs that carry the spirit of modern building materials, decorative tiles, and 16 (mineral).

As usual, all designs offer by the lifelike character of the surfaces of such high quality that even the flooring at the 2nd view and even the touch virtually indistinguishable from “real” floor material. For this reason, and because offer vinyl flooring design so many advantages over traditional floor coverings, they conquer in all areas of the market. With the high usage class 42 is suitable for PVC INSIGHT design floor well for the commercial sector and can be used in the shop and installed in hotels, restaurants, offices and residential homes.Of course, insight Gerflor flooring suitable therefore for private residential area very well. For the home particularly high demands are made regarding health and safety (children). These requirements can easily meet with all of Gerflor’s vinyl flooring. Gerflor material used in the same quality in the human medical field uses vinyl. It contains no heavy metals, no solvent-based inks, no Phatalate or other substances that are considered carcinogenic, no formaldehyde and no PCP. Lowest VOC emissions are 70% below European standards.

In addition, flame-resistant vinyl flooring, do not contribute to fire spread and develop very little smoke. Vinyl design coverings are 100% recyclable and are therefore a sustainable and environmentally conscious building material. Due to its very long life design floor Gerflor-PVC INSIGHT with a price of about 36, – EUR per square metre to be regarded as very favorable. In principle there is nothing, except perhaps the love of “real” natural materials to design vinyl floor. And even then, protects the use of INSIGHT Gerflor flooring against the cutting of precious woods. Our favorites are the rustic INSIGHT Michigan (0461) in the wood finishes and for urban Amador (0447). Gerflor INSIGHT is free delivery on the Internet portal flooring cheap… or contact the ground or floor layers decorators site.