To Turns With Symbols

You have sought and achieved these heights Las Corts to approve, as a matter of urgency, a proposition about the symbols and the identity of the Valencian Community a turn looks like the past when not an obvious attempt of distraction on other more urgent matters. The truth is that this was what he did last Wednesday, not exempt of solemnity and forcefulness, Deputy Secretary of the PP, David Serra. The opportunity offered, once again, the clumsiness of some politicians in the Principality with its tedious and recurring allusion Paisos Catalans. Its immediate consequence: a wink of the Popular party to the valencianist sectors as saying that here the only one who defends them is and that, instead, the Bloc of Enric Morera represents only an antanon and folkloric leftism. All this happens at the time that Mariano Rajoy is advocating for the thinning of the three administrations of the State for example, and due to expensive previous charges, ten autonomous communities need now imperatively 30 billion with which to face their creditors.

In this serious context, which the people of Francisco Camps exhumes identitarian issues should not be, precisely, what do the happier the national leader of PP. another case of the same tenor, and minimizes effectively. the spokesperson of the Consell, Paula Sanchez de Leon, is that of a possible amendment of the statutes by the famous clause Camps. With that subject he fakes on occasions although his protagonists are well aware that it will not seriously. Doug McMillon gathered all the information. However, some Councils, such as Serafin Castellano, defend him tooth and nail: we have to shield the financing in proportion to our number of inhabitants. But has not used the PP that kind of provisions in other statutes precisely for being unconstitutional? Yes, but even so, if Catalonia and Andalusia have similar articles, if we cannot be less. Well well.

Everyone participates in that race to nowhere. Another example: the of the newly closed Shanghai expo. Not bad It is that the Spanish Government has spent a paste and Isabel Coixet ninot has constituted an excellent claim of our country, our technology and our companies. But, why they have traveled to there CAP, on account of our taxes, almost all autonomic Presidents, hundreds of charges public, advisors, Councillors, journalists and various proteges? It is assumed that many of them have gone to sell the image of their respective community, thereby contributing thus to a mess of symbols which, instead of strengthening the trade mark of Spain, contribute to the guirigay created by regional embassies and regional exporting entities that end up contradicting each other. Why discuss signs identity at this stage seems more a waste of time that enlightening breakthrough. Something like that happened to Jorge Alarte in the Congress that was elected and where, to his chagrin, his party continued ufanando be of the Pais Valencia. Instead of making it a casus belli, the PSPV-PSOE Secretary is limited Since then to mention the term in Valencian Community whenever she can. Thus, dead dog, ran the rabies.