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As all we know well, the hemorroides are inflammations of the veins that are located in the rectum, appear like a species of small pillows, that at the time of the excretion, the lees practically scrape the damaged surface, that to the salary little space at the time of the evacuation brings about an intense pain which over the years they create a trauma in the people who suffer of hemorroides. Crucis is important to know like calming the hemorroides not to continue living a route whenever we go bathroom. Most recommendable to calm the hemorroides it is to maintain a good hygiene at any moment, this aid considerably to diminish the possibilities of having an infection that can get worse plus the wound. To avoid to touch, to rascar or to rub the wounds, you will only stimulate to that these this prone one abrir itself. If the pain becomes more fort, is recommendable to stay by a good type in lukewarm water or fresh, it calms the hemorroides by a time.

Some advise that it is good to lower the swelling and this way to calm a little the pain, to introduce in the anus supositorios of oil of sweet almonds or oil of cacao. We can help to calm the hemorroides being caused that our lees have better consistency, for that reason is good for consuming foods with high fiber content, we have to the fruits like: the pears, plums, strawberries, apples; to many vegetables: brcoli, artichokes, tomatos carrots; and cereals like the integral rice, oats and cereals. The mentioned foods previously help in the movement that the intestine realises and avoids that there is an exaggerated lee accumulation, doing to happen with facility through all the passage, and nonpity too much to the hemorroides, also doing that these lower to their swelling a little and that every time is less ardor in the zone. It remembers to have presents these your foods and to drink abundant liquid also, is good that you look for more high information on foods with fiber contents to know like calming the hemorroides..