Dentifrices are used in dentistry with Aloe vera because it will counteract periodontitis. The true Aloe contains important ingredients. These include Vitaminoide (beta carotene), trace elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Maca maca (Lepidium Peruvianum, Lipidium Meyenii) origin area is South America. Maca is a highly from the family of the vegetable coal types. The Maca plant is the size of a Radieschens, and their colour is similar to that of a potato. Maca contains many important minerals by mineral-containing soil of the region. Important constituents of maca are proteins, amino acids, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, sugar, starch, minerals, vitamins and hormone-like substances.

Maca improved the vital force, the general well-being, strengthens the immune system and promotes the regeneration ability and endurance of the body. The amino acids contained in carbohydrates have positive influence on the fertility and libido in both men and women. In addition, maca contains fructose, it is a good active ingredient against fatigue. Furthermore also sterols are among the ingredients, and in women symptoms and discomfort during menopause can be reduced. Catuaba-Catuaba (Juniperus brasiliensis) was first discovered by the Tupi Indians in Brazil. They recognized the aphrodisiac properties of the plant and put them primarily as a sexual enhancer. Catuaba comes from the same plant family as the coca shrub, which is used for the production of cocaine. Catuaba is used mostly as a tea for its production uses only the bark of the tree, because on the one hand it contains alkaloids, tannins, Sesquiterpenes and Flavones and on the other hand, minerals and trace elements.

Catuaba has positive effect the brain, the nervous system and the blood circulation of the body. Even today, it is used as an aphrodisiac because it promotes the circulation of the genital organs, which in turn should lead to more sexual desire. Guarana is obtained the Seeeds of Paullinia cupana, a from South America, vine plant, manufacturing of Guarana. The Paullinia cupana is a climbing shrub belonging to the family of Sapindaceae. The stimulatory effect of Guarana has been recognized by the Indians and used even today by the locals. Include the ingredients of Guarana caffeine (Guaranine), Theobromine, theophylline, tannins (soothing), essential oil and saponins. The proportion of caffeine is three times higher than in regular coffee beans. For even more details, read what Al Bumbry says on the issue. Due to the caffeine content, Guarana has stimulating effect on the entire body, especially on the nervous system, blood pressure, circulation, and also on the brain. It can be the perception improves and promote the concentration. Furthermore, it stimulates the digestion and kidney function and has thus positive impact on the drainage of the body. It is important that Guarana is a dietary supplement. For this reason the consumer himself on the quality of the product must be sure to avoid possible overdose and side effects.