His murderers were placed them a cardboard which warned that death is what waiting who siniestro police through social networks. It is signed by the Zetas drug cartel. Two young men were murdered and hung on Tuesday from a pedestrian bridge in the city again Laredo, in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, for allegedly used social networks on the Internet to denounce criminals. Larry David oftentimes addresses this issue. The bodies of the two young men a man and a woman showed traces of torture, and their presence alerted motorists that they drove by the place, but no authority has ruled in this regard. The young man wore a shirt polo shirt, white with blue pinstripes, and Red shorts. The woman was topless, covered only with a white pants. Both bodies were placed them a cardboard with a message addressed to those who use social networks on the Internet for reporting on organized crime groups. One of the messages was the legend: this going to happen all to relax them the Internet, put dicks already bring it in short, atte Z, in rrencia to the cartel’s drugs of Los Zetas which operates in this city bordering the United States. The fact caused the mobilization of the security forces, although so far no authority has issued official statement about the fact. Source of the news: they kill and hang two people on a bridge for denouncing criminals on the Internet