Unwanted Weight Gain

So if you eat more calories than your body needs, it stores them as fat and deposits it in those places that bother us much, such as the stomach, hips, arms, back, etc. So today the first step you have to because not fatten more: the first thing that you have to do is enjoy your food, Yes, enjoy them, sit down quietly against your favorite dish, takes your covered and deposited the first bite in your mouth, put the covered table, close your eyes saborealo, feel its texture, its smell, masticalo, allows your palate to enjoy this delicious snack, get at least 30 seconds, not chew so in a hurry which is not a competition; He then swallows that so exquisite that get taken mouthful. Educate yourself with thoughts from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Again takes your covered, takes another bite and returns to put inside your mouth, put the covered in the dish again and enjoy your next snack, get at least 30 seconds, saborealo, sit with your palate, umm that tasty, you not finish yet, that so exquisite bite is worth follow him enjoying in your mouth. Performs this exercise at each meal time, if you do allow that your stomach send you the signal to the brain that you are satisfied when really what estes, if it is food in the dish, let her, which are not forced to eat it, is due to your body. Contact information is here: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. The second step will help you to burn more calories now that you already listen to your body and know when these satisfied, distributes your times of meals at five times, three entrees and two snacks, but don’t forget to enjoy every mouthful at least 30 seconds, if you can make it longer better. The third step is to include increased activities in your routine, such as walking for at least 15 minutes a day, they have to be at least 15 so that your body begins to burn those extra calories we are looking for, you can also dance, do aerobics, any aerobic exercise will be ideal. If you want to know more tips like this visit Bigteens magazine El Salvador original author and source of the article.