West Highland White Terrier

He is always watching your reaction to the interlocutor. If you're calm, then he is calm and friendly, if you are angry or nervous – he decides to protect you. If a person behaves aggressive, but kept on the sidelines – bullmastiff is likely to come between you and warn the menacing roar. In a real attack immediately attacks, while not making any unnecessary movements, calculating his jump to the centimeter. Once the attack is repelled and the striker goes, Bullmastiff immediately calm down and be calm and playful. And this is one of the most valuable qualities of this breed, in time to stop, even without a team owner. A distinctive feature of rock is a long physical and mental development. Physically, the dog is finally formed by 2,5-3 years.

Mental development is completed by the 3-3,5 years. At the same time is finally formed in nature. Bullmastiff absolutely do not show aggression in the family. He does not aspire to leadership, and his flock (meaning all members of the family), and respected equally to all. By their nature, with bulmasifom no problem if you want provide treatment, etc., it allows owners everything. Bullmastiff very clever, very cunning and patient, they are easily trained, quickly learn the command, but never differ obedience Shepherd. They need a few seconds more time for reflection and response to commands, and do not mind to offer his version of her performance. With regard to children, bullmastiff perfect companion for games (it will be a long time messing around with your kids and are unlikely to go away first), a great guard, a great babysitter (our dog does not tolerate child crying, immediately run to the child and are trying to calm him down, as if crying continues, then come to us, forced to step up and reassure child).

If you try to summarize, we probably look like this: 'Bullmastiff – strong-willed, alert, robust, fearless, confident, but obedient, combines the mind, intelligence, willingness to perform ordered, trustworthy family companion and guard: a strong, hardy, active, brave and courageous. " At our site you will find the Diva's all about the rocks, bullmastiff, rottweiler, Basenji, West Highland White Terrier, and German Standard Pinscher, complete information about the representatives of the nursery, their success, reports from exhibitions, photographs, information about the sale of puppies and much more. St. Petersburg