' Mass of the Galo' ' , of Axe of Assis, it is a story that presents realistic characteristics, as the suspense, the unexpected end, the question of doubt, the conscience of the referring personage to the conflict in question and the adultery subject, one of the preferred ones of the author, this everything, with the purpose to make a panel of the bourgeois society in ascension. Amongst other characteristics that can fit the story in the realistic scale, it is the description detailed and faithful of environments where the actions occur. Not it fantasiosa and exaltada description of the Romantismo, but a description that takes the reader if to imagine ahead of an ambiguous photograph of the figure of D. Conceio (feminine personage of the tram). This story offers doubts to the readers, therefore the proper narrator, the Walnut, tells history with lapses of memory and for times if he shows confused.

Walnut, a youngster who if in such a way presents one how much conversador, innocent one, come of the religious interior and, arrives at the point not to understand the mysterious colloquy that had with Conceio, confusing, frequently, who reads, therefore however it thinks to be being seduced for Conceio, however thinks that it, simply, wanted to talk. According to GOTLIB (1985, p.78), ' ' The way for which the contista Axe represents the reality brings obtains the subtility in relation to the not-said one, that it opens for the ambiguities, where some directions dialogues between itself. Carrying, in its stories, parallel what it happens, it has always what it seems to be acontecendo' '. Based in this, this work has for purpose to analyze the present ambiguous perspective in ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' , of Axe of Assis, regarding the probable intentions of D. Conceio in relation to the Walnut. The story ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' it tells the history of Walnut, that relembra an occurred episode when it had 17 years.

An outlet is selling products at low cost. When a product has reduced cost can due to: manufacturing, antiquity of such product failures and is already out of catalogue, or you can try a product that has been used, either in an exhibit or as a sample. Currently the outlet of all kinds have become popular. Without a doubt, you’ve already located an outlet for notebook, but before purchasing it, continue reading this article. Questions that you should ask you if you want to purchase a notebook in an outlet, are as follows: 1 – what use that I shall give him? 2 – What happen if you deteriorate soon after buying it? If you are a demanding user or use it for work, it is essential that analysis requirements so that your new notebook responds to the different software that you used. Also, you will need to ask the reason why the notebook found in an outlet.

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Everything is almost equal as before. But today, living creature in the details of my life and I feel a great internal peace with this. You asked for three words to me for you to clarify what she took me the separation. I was not capable to answer I content you it, I finished writing three pages. The care with me, taking care of of itself, is the reply that I found for my search. a process seems that it never does not finish.

But I am happy in the way. The times, in the relations human beings we deliver a great treasure at the hands of people who although careful and very zealous they do not possess ability to take care of it of this good. this drift exclusively of the fact of that it is not responsibility of them to make this. The cited good is our proper life, our happiness, our security, our responsibilities, our choices. When we place this ' ' presente' ' at the hands of the loved other we start without knowing, finding that with this we give test of supreme love, losing in them and in losing the everything it is lost.

You are not the first one that she makes me this question, but are first that the story my experience with hope of that she can bring you something of good and useful its life. He loves myself and he does not wait for the love of its children and its husband for this. The life is passenger meeeeesmo! All it passes, its children grow, you ages, its papa dies. The only certainty in the life that we have is that we are born alone and we go to die alone. what we go to make between this moment and the other is what it says in them on what we are, our workmanships.