My sister and her road to independence who does not know these names: Maria Magdalena, Maria Stuart, Marie Curie, Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxembourg, Sopie Scholl, etc. etc. You could continue this list forever these women have one all together – you know them or you has ever heard their names, because they went in the history, because they have said something or done at the time in which they lived. Much is narratives from generation to generation always been carried on or been arrested by other biographies. There were women from the people, just a simple women in some one can also say that they were heroines, such as Rosa Luxembourg or Sophie Scholl. Because you can not buy is heroism, gained the only through something special, in which makes for others or a thing, to change something, as these women have done it and it also unfortunately lost their lives. Further details can be found at Ben Bernanke, an internet resource.

I would like to tell these women here but, but ordinary women, as for example the Postwoman, the Entrepreneur, the seller etc. Women both professionally and also personally your wife. Just our so-called heroes in everyday life. Women who know what they want and go their way. Reading while in the newspapers about politicians, actresses etc, but who writes or reports you about women like you and me… I have long thought about who I like to want to write about or who appears interesting for me, to let them be known or to write about their lives.

Start I want to my series on women in the 21st century with my older sister. Nevertheless, I often do not understand and agree with what she did and does not always on the contrary, there is much disagreement between us is a man in my life, I would like to write about the. My sister was born in 1960 and it comes from my mother’s first marriage is 50 this year.

Jura platform: active holidays in the Bavarian Jura Regensburg (tvo). More and more people want to actively enjoy your holiday destination, move much in the fresh air as well as get to know country and people. The Jura trail is an excellent destination for an active holiday in the Bavarian Jura. The quality trail ideal for a combination of nature and culture experience. He traverses through small towns, villages and hamlets, narrow river valleys and sunny dry valleys of the Jura karst landscape in the heart of Bavaria.

You can discover also rare animal and plant species with alert eyes. Who wants to take a bike ride for a change, goes to the five rivers bike trail, which runs almost parallel to the Jura trail. The Altmuhl, Pegnitz, Vils, NAAB and Danube valleys belong to the best cycling destinations in Bavaria. The Jura trail was opened in 2008. He is consistently signposted in both directions and leads hikers and walkers in the most beautiful natural refugia in the districts of Kelheim and Neumarkt, Amberg-Regensburg. Through the various The Jura track in any weather and at any time of the year is a charming destination for active leisure excursions and leisure activities in the immediate vicinity. Refer to for more information.

Latest wellness news from beauty24: on the first weekend of October visited Germany’s first wellness Ambassador Nicola Appel the first of a total of six Spa Hotel select. “The launch of the mission feel: the wellness Ambassador on the road” falls into the Hotel Berlin centrovital. Impressions and testimonials by Nicola Appel can be traced through the website. Berlin, September 30, 2009. Among several hundred women wellnessbegeisterten, Nicola convinced Appel in September 2009 the jury with your application as wellness Ambassador. Now she go on their first mission of good feeling.

The hotel is the centrovital Berlin-Spandau. In the next six months, Nicola visited Appel of ever a Spa Hotel select from six in whole Germany. In addition to the centrovital Berlin following hotels for a visit to the wellness Ambassador were selected in an online survey with over 1,500 participants: Dorint Hotel-Park Ambiance, Sellin Gobel’s Schlosshotel of Prince von Hessen Friedewald Hotel Elbe Residenz, bad Schandau Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof, Speyer Parkhotel Bayersoien, bad Bayersoien over the Web site is the new Wellnessprofi share with his impressions. Also the wellness Ambassador invites everyone interested to the dialogue on the site, personal opinions and experiences to share and discuss. I am pleased to be the Ambassador of the wellness 2009 “, so Nicola Appel.” In addition to the wellness treatments I find exciting even the regional aspects, for example, local cuisine and special activities. I can wait, my first journey as wellness Ambassador.”Mission of Wellness: the wellness Ambassador”is an action of the wellness trip organizer beauty24 ( It also supports the wellness Ambassador by Europcar and bathrobe paradise. Beauty24 beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany.

You can under the motto I live wellness” Customers from over 6,000 well-being feel programs in over 550 hotels choose where the offer in Europe will focus. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available about the Wellness Web site, travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (14 cents / min from German landline, different prices from the mobile phone) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Clothing made of cord can be often especially beautiful. Corduroy is clothing for many years always in vogue and was now held in many different variants. Speaking candidly John Lithgow told us the story. Sure is, that record certainly also in the future of the fashion will always play a role, because this material has just a lot for himself and many benefits that are not to have the hand. nst this. This includes among other things that record is very robust and you can put it on children without concern that play a lot in the open air and have fun without that things just get stains and holes. But certainly, the optics, which record is also very interesting and brings her charms with is equally important. Ever after to whatever pieces combine clothes from record almost all looks are possible by rustic fashion for outdoor up down to noble looks, which look at night can be. Is important when clothing made of cord of course, that the quality is right, because only if this is the case comes also really enjoy the positive sides, what record has to offer clothing and can have his pleasure in the things for a really long time. It is also important to choose basics, versatile can be combined, especially the color plays an important role, which should be so that it fits to many other things from the own wardrobe, so you can wear the corduroy on all possible occasions. Clothing is important but also the size, where to buy them in record. Here you should make sure that the things sit more closely, because cord extends still good after a while, so things exact purchased are then not seldom too far, you certainly do not necessarily want. Meike Sauter

Party holiday is also quite easy online bookings. Now you can find cheap party travel for the season 2010. To say it once first and foremost a party holiday doesn’t mean you must cling like a drowning man to the closest Sangria straw and the willing sacrificial lamb has explained that each drop of alcohol destroyed. Thus a party holiday has mostly little to do, and of course, there are exceptions and there are also many people who want to experience just as their holiday? But this is the exception and maybe not the definition of who wish to travel under the offering party holiday actually. Rather, it is actually the sense of a party holiday, change the travelers to offer the possibility to reveal this to travel alone and to experience a varied attractive holiday short? Clearly this stated goal of many tour operators will offer the party vacations especially if you even look at the numerous destinations.

Because a party holiday does not necessarily lead to a party Mecca Mallorca or in the stronghold of the Feierwutigen to Ibiza. But the offer of many operators that offer party holidays, kidnapped travelers rather to breathtaking events such as, for example, the new year’s Festival in China, the spectacular Carnival in Rio or the gold beaches of Bulgaria. Learn more on the subject from Ted Elliott. A party holiday allows all these special travel destinations and this party holiday has just the distinct advantage that you must travel alone. But travelling in a group of like-minded, which then also can be divided many of the impressions and experiences as also the fun the evening common holiday evening. This is the key factor in the party holiday offer and perhaps also the reason why just singles love to take advantage of this offer. Because let’s be honest, you would feel themselves very alone just at a spectacular event like the Carnival in Rio, when you see thousands of people lonely and abandoned and is no one can discuss with the numerous impressions. Or? is a Portal, where the interested can find many informations around the party holiday. Mark Voss Oak Avenue 49 26349 jade 04454-979609

As a freelancer, you have the choice – legally or privately insure? If one is self-employed, you have many things to consider. And above all it wants to build so his idea, his business. Who thinks in such a moment on insurance and the health insurance? But just this topic is important, self-employed persons can choose whether they are legally or privately sick want to insure. Arthur Melvin Okun shines more light on the discussion. It is a cross with the insurance companies. The topic is so complex for amateurs that you no longer know. The employees have it good, which need not deal with this topic.

But officials and freelancers must opt for a Fund. Since January 1, 2009 is there already an insurance, since the health insurance is compulsory. But even here we go again. Austan Goolsbees opinions are not widely known. Is thinking whether you should change any from the law in the private health insurance, the whole thing maybe vice versa, or whether you are looking for on a new even within the private provider. Surely we are talking many money, but that is not always decisive. If a fund is extremely cheaper than another, then one can assume, that one there does not enjoy same insurance protection. This check also. Especially, if you are self-employed.

Because here the money is not so loose. It is in the wrong Office, you can pay on the one hand too much, get but also too little power. What is right now and what shows wrong, this one at best a comparison. Who is self-employed, should go into a search engine which private health insurance professionals enter phrase and see what happens. He will get many offers of insurance comparisons. And here it should be active. Because only a professional comparison can show him the insurance with the best prices. But forget not the views of the services. For the occupational group of officials and employees about the income of the year coming and thus have the choice between statutory and private cash, a comparison is equally advisable Michael Wiechert

How not to say, but a headache – it is torture, what is known almost to everyone, regardless of age. Often complain of a headache when people overwork, mostly mental, mental with immoderate loads, high blood pressure and increased intracranial pressure. Pain in the skull, starting with various patient conditions, interconnected with stimulation of pain nerve endings in the cranial cavity, in the soft tissues of face and head – this is one of the most common types of pain. Headache repeatedly accompanies diseases of internal organs, infection, poisoning, and various nervous mental disorders. Causes headaches, most often, there are disorders of blood circulation within the cranium (namely, migraine), elevated blood pressure (eg, hypertension), the excess of or delay in blood vessels the brain or, conversely, anemia of the brain. A frequent prerequisite for suffering patients is a tension headache.

This pain can be caused by incorrect posture and long, finding a person in a single position at a voltage of eye muscles. Quite often, people with such pain are all types of stress. Their specific complaint is a feeling of strong compressive ‘ring’ on her head, the pain is not repetitive and continuous. Treatment of pain should begin with options – a correction of posture, rubbing, acupuncture, physical training, adjustment of view, mental relaxation. Headaches from too much nervous surge is not in a hurry to cure pain medication, much better in this case is realized in pharmacies herbal sedative or a tonic nature. and Another effective method would be a big push with your fingers on the temporal artery for 12-15 seconds, after tidying up his hands, the blood quickly rushes to the head and the pain passes quickly. With regular head ‘agony’ that generated stress, is recommended before going to bed put in the mouth 1 tsp honey (if no contraindications) and drink water. Appropriate mode of work and rest, abstaining from unhealthy habits, timely and correct treatment of chronic diseases is an unmistakable event, which prevents headaches and many diseases.

After a while he begins to suffer a kind of claustrophobia. Then he was released, and it begins “” in his life to snatch. Here’s another program. The first step, of course, is similar, but the second is a change of scenery, that is, the patient is given more freedom. I particularly liked the third stage – “The Seventh sky “. Pleasantly surprised breathing technique proposed by our coaches. I myself – and the athlete did not think that breathing can teach me something new. And, of course, the most important stage – the pilgrimage. It brings up the human spirit, which seems, nothing can break. We say goodbye to and again go on the road.

On the mountain Tashtar-Ata, I find myself the first time. It is strange that all my life I have lived in Kyrgyzstan, but have never been to this place and never heard the legends about him. The locals made up for my space. They say that the mountain received its name on behalf of the war. He was incredibly strong. When played out a battle between gods and demons, Batir was on the side of good. In the fight he used not only the strength and incredible resourcefulness, but also smoothly hewn stones. As a result, the gods won. Everywhere there is peace. And Tashtar Ata asleep. Top shows that the mountain was repeated shape of a man who lies with arms outstretched. C Since then, came a belief that “rough natural stone are the habitat of spirits or gods and are therefore used as an object of religious veneration.

Unnecessary killogrammy accumulate unnoticed. And only one day you find them. In men, they often hang in the abdomen, in women congregate on the thighs and buttocks. We all recognize that this must be addressed. But as if the train is not the time or energy after work, and poison your body with all kinds of pills for us primelemo? Too many people are in the same situation with you. Many of them stopped for a separate Tool for dumping excess killogramov – belts for weight loss. Introducing the zone for weight loss, which has proved its efficiency: The belt-sauna is designed to melt your fat, get rid of cellulite, lose weight and relieve muscle pain – all without leaving your home. Belt sauna effect directs is focused on the most problematic body parts to wash and flush toxins from the body.

This portable sauna is perfect for the waist, abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks. Fasten the belt on the problematic parts of the body and let it do its job. The belt has a comfortable fit, so it is securely seated in the place where you want to melt the fat. In the application of the belt-sauna improves metabolism and those extra pounds just melt away. To lose weight need to sweat. You can run in the mornings, you can do aerobics. But now you can sweat and sitting in a chair. Put the belt-sauna and go about their affairs. The belt will automatically shut off after 50 minutes. You can remove or disable it before, if necessary.

For practical homeopath is very important to clearly understand what constitutes a physical point of view the process of individual selection of homeopathic medicine. Most modern researchers believe (See V. Sorokin ‘Three mysteries of homeopathy’), which selected homeopathic medicine acts on the human body (patient) by entering into a resonance with some of its systems. The organism is relevant suited to the administered drugs. Moreover, this reaction is quite rapid and, in some cases, patients may be sensitive to celebrate it in a few seconds. Currently, there are a number of techniques that control this process. The most obvious, easy to use and most accurate method, in my opinion, is the vegetative resonance test (ART), (on Mahonkinoy lb – resonance test) Vegetative resonance test (ART) was developed by German doctor H. Schimmel In 1978, the It is based on methods of electroacupuncture diagnostics by R. Voll (EAV) and bioelectronic functional diagnosis of W. Schmidt and H. Pflaum (BFD). Introduction of art in clinical practice since 1978, engaged the firm vega (Germany), which were developed by the first device, called ‘VEGA-TEST’, realizing the possibility of measuring the abc on this method. art allows fast enough (Right during the admission) to answer a number of fundamental issues for the practicing homeopath as: – Just picked up a drug (from several possible – using a test for a key drug) –

What is currently time optimal potency of the drug chosen, how often it should be given a patient, how long should the drug be taken In addition, art allows a rather complicated situation modeling and comparing the patient’s condition prior to exposure to the drug and after this exposure, the physician is able to analyze what to expect from the medication in the potency of a particular patient on perspective, what is the probability, for example, severe exacerbations, etc. Unlike other electro-techniques (such as methods of R. Foll, Nakatani) art inherently more suited for a doctor whose holistic (Systemic) thinking, so first of all lets define the first integral indicators of the state of the organism as a whole. For example, there are tests, pointers to help you determine the level of health for the dn Vithoulkas, adaptation reserves, biological indices (biological age of the patient), and by modeling the situation on the background chosen homeopathic remedy to predict changes in the situation against these criteria, ie on essentially predict the course of treatment. For homeopaths are not convinced unitsistami may be interesting to test the compatibility of homeopathic medicines (VRT method allows it), which in practice is simultaneously pressing and complex issue, despite the presence of guides compatibility, due to the peculiarities of the patient. No less interesting vrt (because of its universality), and for physicians using instrument therapies (bio-resonance, field-based therapy, color therapy as well as combinations thereof), however, like all professionals looking for using any other therapies.