According to Tiba (1998, P. 32) ' ' to teach is a gesture of generosity, humanity and humildade' '. It is necessary that the parents and professors if to acquire knowledge that independent of the age, the sexuality are present and the doubts must be clarified and be argued, in objective, simple way with humildade, searching when questions presented for the children and pupils to run away to the knowledge of the parents. For in such a way, with this project we want to contribute in the formation of the citizen, as a complete being, not only in the intellectual knowledge, but that it can perceive itself as to be integral, with its emotions, behaviors, and that the same it can come to add with the experiences and questionings of our project, moving its trajectory of life, if not leaving to lead only for emotions, fancies, or impulses who later will be able to cause damages for its personality, causing indesejada pregnancy and illnesses. Also if it observes that the young ones are taken for other ways that are not adjusted for its age and nor pra life that we desire to the human being, as crime and others.

Already in the school the young behavior of this adolescent is sufficiently premature, therefore always they are come back to the promiscuity, with palavres, obsceno gestures. It was objectified to search alternatives of orientation to the young in the direction to supply the questionings raised for them, to jointly search new ways to approach the thematic one of the sexuality with the adolescents, to guide the young with regard to the sexual recognition, collaborating with the integral formation of the adolescents of the community. METHODOLOGY So that in them it was possible to search answers to the placed problem, we carry through a qualitative inquiry that the basic intention of the qualitative research is the understanding, communication and specification of the social phenomenon. .