Alexander Svistunov

Today the free media could not position the self as an effective communication tool, "- says Valery Shirshakova. According to the Commercial Director "RIO" Alexander Svistunov, edition has been redesigned logistics system, has taken steps to bring the advertiser to the reader. "For readers, the newspaper holds weekly contest, the winners of which received prizes in the form of vouchers to the mountain Resorts of Ukraine. The competition is attended by thousands of Kiev ", – said Alexander Svistunov. More information is housed here: Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media. This course provides not only the publication to bring together advertisers and readers, but also whether a review of advertising and its effectiveness – as a conclusion of the action – if it is interesting to consumer advertising, then he looked at her "answer". All the reproaches that of free advertising there is no benefit to me seem to be more free newspapers nadumannymi.Alternativa According to the company UMaster expected that this year the volume of the domestic online advertising market will grow by 30% and reach 162 million USD.

This is due to the fact that the Internet audience in Ukraine has grown to 9 million users and close to the number of audience national television channels. According to the analyst of the International Centre for Innovation and Information Technology Sergey Vlasenko, reorientation of the advertising market in favor of online advertising is associated with a marked difference in the prices of advertising in the plane of "free" newspapers and on Internet sites. "The cost of the transition target visitors to the website with content ranging from 10 cents in investment to develop its own website is $ 200.