Now, therefore, I, Nabucodonossor, praise, exalo and glorify the King of the sky, because all its workmanships are true, and its ways, right, and he can humiliate to that walk in soberba.' ' (Dn 4:33 – 34, 37) With this we more finish our analysis on the peoples blessed by God and, leaving of this knowledge, we go to discover maken a mistake quo is interpretation Biblical that great the scholars make on the origin of the Satan, maquiando it as having been an Angel of God. 4? The PRESUMPTIONS BEDDINGS FOR the ORIGIN DE the SATAN As already were said, at the beginning of this quarrel, the presumptions beddings to support the theory of that the Satan were an angel, Lucifer call, are found in three Biblical books, which we go to analyze now: 4.1? EZEQUIEL, CHAPTER 28 AND THE 17 VERSES OF 13 ' ' You were in the den, garden of God; of all the precious rocks you covered yourself: the srdio, the topaz, the diamond, the beryl, nix, the jasper, the sapphire, carbnculo and the emerald; of gold if you they had made engastes and the ornaments; in the day where you were servant, they had been prepared they. You were querubim of the ungido guard, I established and you; you remained in the mount saint of God, in the brightness of the rocks you walked. Perfect ages in your ways, since the day where you were created until iniquity in you was found. In the multiplication of your commerce, if it fulled your interior of violence, you sinned; for I launched what you, profaned, it are of the mount saint of God I will make and you to perish, querubim of the guard, in way to the brightness them rocks. Your heart because of your formosura was raised, corrupted your wisdom because of your brilliance; I launched you for land, ahead I put you to Dos Reis, so that you contemplem.' ' One gives credit that this stretch is on the origin of the Satan because if it can find forts evidences, as the ones that are detached in boldface in the text.