But if everything is developing according to physiological laws, the benefits of saunas is provided: a deep heating of the body stimulates the metabolism, allowing, for example, a complete weight loss and lean, on the contrary, gain weight. Improvement of metabolism observed in another 2-3 days after the steam room or sauna. Treatment of sciatica baths, procedures in the bath – the classics of medicine. From Roman baths to the Russian – doctors throughout antiquity noted the positive effect of good heat zastuzhennuyu back. Larry David gathered all the information. Colds, bronchitis, and even some forms of pneumonia are treated better if both the patient goes to the bath, or even completely cured only baths. Bath, along with copious drinking and some drugs facilitates expectoration of small stones from the kidneys, ureters and bladder. Dystonia, with her headaches, dizziness, fainting, excessive sweating and not other fatal, but unpleasant symptoms also lends itself well to the bath.

From heat to cold, from the guys in the pool and back – is a training vessel, gradually become accustomed temperature changes. Only necessary to start small: 5 minutes in the steam room, 2 – in the pool, half an hour in the dressing room, and then to gradually increase the time, but so that the 'marbled skin' was short-lived. Gradually, this demonstrative symptom of dystonia will advance all the later show all weaker, and then completely disappear. The usefulness of bath and its procedures Quilting broom in the steam room is a kind of massage, and the effectiveness of massage steam bath, after rising twice is no coincidence that after severe psycho- loads of athletes go to the bath, massaged and steamed where to quickly restore their strength.