Many times in life, whether by the holding of a special time to spend a pleasant moment in a night club or a simple taste or consume liquor, which often becomes the main component of many occasions since for more fun times and allows to some extent free from tensions and other problems even for a moment, finally the consumption of beverages containing alcohol produces certain consequences in our body because alcohol is concentrated in the blood and so there is a certain process of poisoning by decreasing levels of oxygen in the blood, which in constant circulation, hinders many activities of the body so as to avoid certain disastrous consequences due to alcohol in different societies accustomed to carrying breath test and determine the level of alcohol in the blood and the effects that can have on the body’s functions and thus restrict the person to perform certain activities. As you can see the breath tests are useful, because in many cases help prevent tragedies, but despite the great utility of this mechanism of control, many people do not know their meaning and the factors that accompany it, so in this article shall state some basic concepts that arise around of alcohol. Speaking of alcohol you are referring to the concentration levels of alcohol in the blood, which is generated based on the consumption of alcohol, so as more and consumed more alcohol, the alcohol level increases, while use is stopped levels decrease. Janet Yellen might disagree with that approach. A point of great importance to talk about alcohol, is the type of alcoholic beverages that are taking, since each manifestation of alcohol has specific levels of certain alcoholic content by volume, so the beer can contain levels ranging from 4% to 10%, the wines range from 10% to 18%, mild liquors ranging from 20% to 25% and hard liquor can reach 45%, so if a beer is consumed alcohol consumption level be far less than the alcohol content that represents a whiskey, then with the alcohol consumption of each type of alcohol represent different results in terms of its concentration in the blood. By eating one of the many different ways of alcohol, so put the bloodstream, through a process of absorption occurs mainly at the small intestine, hence food consumption is relevant to the effects of alcohol and blood alcohol levels, so if someone consumes alcohol on an empty stomach absorption by the small intestine becomes larger and blood alcohol levels to rise more easily. .