Patient movie of the Board of Trustees of bone health e.v. for health media award 2012 nominated bone. Body. People such as IAB would likely agree. Man! Meet the osteoporosis”, of the Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. patient film is nominated for the health media award 2012. The health media award is given annually for excellence in the field of health communication. This year, the competition is under the patronage of Dr. Norbert Blum, former Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs.

Osteoporosis is a serious disease. According to estimates there is 7.8 million sufferers of osteoporosis in Germany in the age group over 50 years. Bone fractures, pain and functional limitations can be the result. There is a reduced capacity such as at an osteoporosis, then trivial in everyday life can lead to bone fractures. Vertebral body burglaries are more common. Associated with severe pain and lead to functional restrictions in the activities of the daily life. The patient film bone. Body.

Man! Meet the osteoporosis”informs on very clear way about the risk factors for bone health and the current possibilities of osteoporosis and possible fractures to meet. Through the fast cutting sequence, surprising moments, and the unconventional style he is also information and motivational film (film length: 45 min.). Target groups of the new film are doctors, clinics, therapists, health professionals, patients, self-help groups and rehabilitation Sports Club. The DVD bone. Body. Man! Osteoporosis meeting – can price 12.95 euros plus postage EUR 2.20 be ordered when the Board of Trustees of bone health e.V, Leipziger Strasse 6, 74889 Sinsheim phone number 07261/9217-0 Mon – Fri. from 8: 30 to 12:30 or by E-mail under: that trustees bone health e.V. is the oldest non-profit national organization, around bone health and the clinical picture takes care of osteoporosis. Since its inception in 1986 that engaged Trustees bone health e.V. to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation far beyond the osteoporosis for all bone health problems. For 25 years we are a focal point for stakeholders and interested parties and take care of a heart for patients under the motto”that current scientific and medical knowledge in patient-friendly language in flyers, brochures and magazine MobilesLEBEN to introduce a wide audience.