That they read to devagar, without haste, understanding. The writer is that one that of the one vision of world to the people, a vision of what it perceives and sees. The writer of the o its point of view, not only thinking about its objectives, but yes in as the readers will go to react and of as they will have its proper concepts regarding what they are reading. She is necessary to question this status quo (been of things)! As to the Pablo and the Chico alert, ' ' the great majority of that they work faces penrias' '. as remembers the Brecht to me: ' ' Many say that the Time is old, but I always knew that one exists Time novo' '. the professor who still has in me if cheers with the New Thought and feels homesicknesses of the Old one! Already the writer who has in me says: – You, New Thought! WEAVEEING THE MORNING ' ' A alone rooster does not weave one morning: it will always need other roosters.

Of that apanhe this shout that it launches and it to another one; of one another rooster that apanhe the shout that a rooster before launches and it to another one; of other roosters that with many other roosters if cross sun wires of its shouts of rooster, so that the morning, since a tenuous teia if goes weaveeing, between all galos.' ' (Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson) REFERENCES ALENCAR, Chico and Pablo Gentili. To educate in the Hope in Times of Disenchantment. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: Ed. Voices, 2001. BRECHT, Bertolt. Poems 1913-1956; election and translation of Pablo Cesar de Souza? So Paulo: Ed. 34, 2000. MELO GRANDSON, Cabral Joo of.

Poetical anthology. 5. ed. Rio De Janeiro: J. Olympio, 1979. ource, but as a related topic. SOME authors. To filosofar. So Paulo: Scipione, 2000. (Mrcio Melo. Professor of History, Sociology and Philosophy in Average Ensino of the state net of education of the Bahia have twelve years; professor in the Cenecista College of Sir of Bonfim (FACESB) has three years; permitted in History for the University of the State of the Bahia (UNEB); currently bacharelando in Right in this same University; specialist in Education of History and African History and Afro-Brazilian for the Brazilian Institute of After-Graduation and Extenso (IBPEX); writer in the vacant hours. After reading Brecht)